Posted by Gordon Brown on Jun 09, 2017
Attendance: 14 members and guest speaker.
President Basil opened the meeting
Anthem: Gerd
Grace: Peter
Toast to the Queen, Canada and Rotary – President Basil
Guests: Our guest speaker Kallista Chayil
  • Jacqueline reminded us that the Rotary International Convention is to be held in 2018 and volunteers will be needed for ‘Home Hospitality’. More information to come soon – if interested contact Jacqueline.
  • Gerd announced that as the future of the TV Auction was in doubt, he had asked his development team, the architect Les Klein, the lawyer Cynthia MacDougall and the planner Lindsay Dale-Harris, to come up with $10,000 for our Rotary club.  They did just shy of it and Dorothy and Gerd will make up the rest by donating US$1,000 towards a Paul Harris fellowship.  So in total we have now more than $10,000 for our club.  This is for a potential shortfall if our main fundraiser, the auction, cannot produce the net proceedings we need to keep our budget going.
  • Gerd also encouraged us to try and recruit new members to our Club.
  • Gordon pleaded with members who had not done so to respond as to whether or not they will be attending the Charter Party on June 23rd.
  • Peter reminded everyone that on July 1st there will be citizenship ceremonies at the Scarborough Civic Centre. Volunteers are needed to represent Rotary.
  • President Basil’s announcements:
  1. We still need a club representative to lead our new auction fund-raiser.  The trial auction on ebay is scheduled for the week of August 15th, with 25 items to be auctioned.
  1. A reminder that our newest Rotary club will soon be chartered, bring the number of clubs in our District to 56. The Rotary Club of Bay-Bloor will have it’s charter on the evening of Wednesday June 21st at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel, 475 Yonge Street. You are all invited to attend this charter event. Our Club will be donating a Rotary flag to welcome this new club into our district.
  1. As you may know, our club has provided $100 in taxi coupons to Jack and Lynn Wylie. They are no longer able to drive, and have moved Scarborough Retirement Residence at 148 Markham Road. Lynn is unable to write at this time, and has asked me to convey her gratitude and appreciation to the club.
  1. Mike Mushet has sent out an email to the club asking us to select our Group preferences for the next Rotary year. Please respond as soon as you can so that President-Elect Mike can organize his rotary Year. Lack of response will of course be interpreted as being willing to be drafted into any group.
  1. The 110 Black Hawk Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets will be holding their 43rd Annual Review on Sunday June 11th at Centennial Arena, 1967 Ellesmere Road. The Cadet March Past starts at 12:45, following which there will be refreshments. The dress for visitors is business attire.
  1. The Paul Harris Scholarship awards were held last Wednesday, and we must thank Peter Masson for looking after these awards for us. Jacqueline Smith was our very able MC, and did a great job.
Marbelous Draw: Mike conducted the draw and asked our guest speaker Kallista to draw the ticket which was claimed by Jim Boyko. He was not able find the mutant marble, but got $5 as a consolation.
Sergeant-At-Arms: Gerd fined anyone not wearing their Rotary pin (quite a few were found guilty). Gerd then fined Gordon for using paper for writing the Rotateller that “could have been used elsewhere”, Arthur for thanking the speaker and Donna for being too hesitant in agreeing to introduce the speaker. Happy Bucks: Jim donated back his $5, Maddy was happy that her family “has a new pair of wheels” – the licence plate is ‘WASACHEF’. Arthur told a joke about a boy asking his mum why planes couldn’t have babies. Peter donated as he was happy that the Paul Harris Scholarship awards were over for another year. Gerd donated as he was happy that he and Dorothy and their dog had a good vacation – they drove a total of about 15,000 kms averaging 700 kms a day for 23 days! Dhanni donated thanking Gordon for doing the reporting as the person who was supposed to be reporting from her group did not attend the meeting.    
Speaker: President Basil told us that he had seen our guest speaker present at Rotary many years ago and had invited to come and speak to us. Donna then ‘formally’ introduced Kallista Chayil. Kallista is a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach. She has a BA in psychology from the University of Windsor was a coach in Business Time Management, lived in Mexico for a while and then came back to Toronto. She outlined how to deal with bullies, narcissistic and dysfunctional people.  Her presentation is well worth listening to and she promised to send the slide show as well.
Recording:  Kallista.MP3
Arthur thanked Kallista for her presentation and gave her an Operation Eyesight certificate.
There being no further business President Basil closed the meeting.