Posted by Tony Baker
Chair: Gordon Brown
Toast to QR&C: Gordon Brown
14 members
3 guests: Trudy Tumusime, Dorothy Evans, Joan Masson
Dhanni: Reminder that the Paul Harris Awards Presentations will be on August 26.
Danny reminded everyone that there will be another Trivia contest at next week’s 7pm fellowship meeting.
Guest Speaker
David Seemungal introduced the guest speaker, Aneesa Oumarally, CEO of Toronto Caribbean Carnival.
Aneesa gave a detailed presentation of the annual Toronto Caribbean Carnival. This event was formerly known as Caribana but they can no longer use that name due to copyright.
Please see the presentation by clicking on this link:
Basil  thanked Aneesa for her presentation.
Gerd Wengler encouraged everyone to share their happy and/or sad thoughts.
Sad Thoughts
Alan’s water tank is leaking so now he has to come out of retirement to do the repairs.
Frank’s nephew was hospitalized after being stabbed following a road rage incident in Newmarket. Fortunately he is on the mend and his assailant is facing numerous charges.
Anthony says life is good, he’s happy to be alive, and looking forward to his 2 kids going back to school.
Peter and Joan were at church preparing for its opening to the congregation on September 12.
Gordon and Susan celebrated their wedding anniversary with a fish and chip meal on the patio at South Side.
Arthur suggested we should consider a visit to the zoo to take in the pungent aroma of the Corpse Plant which is now in full bloom.
Finally, Dave Hardy put himself on mute and then gesticulated all of his happy thoughts by various hand signals and facial expressions. Unfortunately, no one was able to translate his moves into words.
President Gordon closed the meeting and wished everyone a happy week ahead.