Posted by Donna Salamalay on Jan 08, 2018
Attendees: 12, no visitors
  • Gerd presented the club with two checks: $50 from Jim Boyko to go towards our Ukrainian Christmas Card drive and $7,000 from Park Property Christmas drive; he also reminded us that this initiative has run its course.
  • Arthur asked all Community Services members to respond to an email he sent out regarding which initiatives to support this year.
  • Jim advised that a celebration of life for Jack Wylie will be held on Saturday, Jan 20 at the funeral home near Kingston Road and St. Clair. 11am-12am will be an opportunity to meet with the family, 12pm-1pm will be a service, followed by a gathering. Gordon to send out additional detail. Peter will speak on behalf of Rotary.
           Mike presented a Paul Harris award to Gerd in recognition of his outstanding service; Gerd has reached the max numbers of sapphires so next will be rubies.
Marbelous Draw: Won by Arthur but the “magic” marble remained elusive.
Fines: Gerd was the SAA and fined anyone not wearing a rotary pin as well as all PH recipients not wearing their PH pins.
Happy Bucks:
  1. Dave H. was happy that he was not required to participate in Jury duty.
  2. Gerd had a great Xmas, well worth the long flight to Regina, despite the daily temperatures of -30’s.
  3. Basil gave an overview of his three-week vacation to Jamaica with featured time at the beach and good food and drink.
Our annual “White Elephant” auction, masterfully led by Al raised $355 in support of club initiatives. Lots of fun was had by all in the bidding process.
Joke of the day:

Reginald may be 75, but he still thinks of himself as a ladies' man. Every Friday night, he dresses up nice and smart, slicks down his hair and heads off to his favorite club.

When he gets there, he walks up to the bar, sidles up to the prettiest girl he can find and says: "So, tell me, do I come here often?"