Posted by Jim Boyko
Chairperson:  President Barry
Anthem:  Gerd
Grace:    Basil
Toast to the Queen, Canada & Rotary:  President Barry
Attendance:  16
Guests:            Dorothy, better half of Basil
                        Betty, also better half of Frank
                        Filon Hackshaw, from St. Vincent, Studying at Centennial College
                        Dr. Beauty
  • Gerd presented 4 cheques to our Club totalling $1,575 from customers, etc. of Park Property.
  • Barry summarized a receipt of 250 UK pounds from the Cecilia Brian Battersby family in the U.K. in honour of Steve Zielinski.
  • Arthur indicated that Nadia needs more support for the Stove issue.
  • Barry received thanks from Precious Blood School Students concerning “Warm Hands”.
  • David Seemungal – International Services Group to meet next week after our meeting.
  • Rocco’s Group to likewise have a group meeting after next week’s meeting.
  • David Hardy indicated that the York Club is having a special event on February 2, 2020 to celebrate Chinese New Year.
Marbelous Draw:
            Conducted by Peter M.
      Winner – Arthur - continuing with his 2019 winning trend - $5.00 only
Blind Auction:
  • We have been doing this for many many years to raise some money for our club.
  • World renown auctioneer – Alan Meredith
Over 25 secret items were auctioned.
  • Total proceeds were almost $500.
  • Fantastic job – Alan and excellent generosity of the purchasers of the secret goods.
$50 from David Hardy for the release of his book “Who Are These People and Why Are They Yelling at Me”.
$1.00 from Gerd for his Christmas Present – 2,700-piece Lego Set with 500 pages of  instructions. “Land Rover – New Defender”.
$5.00 from Betty for Happy Birthdays.
$20 from Barry for a great family Christmas with the new granddaughter.
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  • To Alan for a great job.
  • To Basil for generously supplying the wine.
  • To Dhanni for sharing the beautiful box of chocolates she purchased in the auction.
Happy New Year to all and your families    
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