Posted by Dhanni Ramdeen on Oct 02, 2017
Chair: Mike Mushet
Anthem: Peter Masson
Grace: Basil Dias  
Attendance: 17 including 4 guests.     Guests:  Gerard Baribeau from Scarborough RC; Dorothy Evans; Betty Allison; Ralph Jones.
  • Basil is looking for volunteers to pick up guests for next Wednesday Honorary members’ lunch. There will be no speakers at this meeting. Please register. 
  • Dhanni reminded members that they can pay their membership dues with their credit card.
  • Gordon announced that the lager beer is available in Beer Store at Cedarbrae Mall, Millner and Markham & Eglington locations. The cost is $3.10 per can or 6 for $18. 
  • President Mike thanked all who attended the board meeting last Monday. He said there was a 17% increase in attendance from the last meeting. He also indicated that the board meeting is open to all members of the club.
Board meeting:
The October 25 17 board meeting was held at the Royal Canadian Military Institute in order to provide a variety of meeting venues and have someplace closed close ,for out central city dwellers .
Seven members attended ,one more than the last meeting (progress) ,there was considerable discussion on the Web auction ,which is need of help from all members.
December 06 17 , Wednesday ,will be our last lunch meeting for this year, regular meetings will commence January 2018, please note our Christmas Dinner is on December 8 at SGC.
The meeting ended at 943 PM but most stayed until 1045 PM enjoying wine ,snacks,  and fellowship .
Marbelous Draw:
Alan Meredith won the consolation prize of $5.
SAA – Barry Smith
  • No Fines were imposed.
  • Happy Bucks from:
  • Our guest Dorothy Evans– Her grandson turned 22 and happy that he still has the car they financed.
  • Our guest Ralph Jones – Glad to be at the meeting.
  • Our guest Gerard – Thanked members who helped out at Habitat for Humanity.
  • Alan surrendered his winnings – Cheryl is retiring.
  • Arthur – His son will be a full professor of medicine at the university and he was invited to say a “few words”.
  • Our guest Betty Allison - for their grandson’s team winning 4 football games in his first year at university.
  • Gerd – Glad to be back from their trip to Tofina, BC and Charlotte town.
  • Barry – Celebrating 42 blissful years of marriage. 
President Mike introduced our speaker Arthur Retnakaran. Arthur has been with our club for a while now and has been making a superb contribution both as a member and as the director of Community and Youth services. Arthur is a retired scientist and his son is a professor. We are very fortunate to have Arthur bring his expertise to our club.
Please listen to this very inspiring presentation by Arthur on the topic. “Cancer treatment using you own immune cells”.
Gordon thanked Arthur for a job well done and presented him with a scotch glass.
Joke / Quote of the day:

A shopkeeper was dismayed when a similar store opened next door with a huge sign that said, BEST DEALS!”

To make things worse, another similar store opened on the other side with a huge sign reading “LOWEST PRICES!”

He nearly panicked until he had the idea to put up his own sign, bigger that the other two, that read, “MAIN ENTRANCE.”