Posted by Peter Masson on Dec 01, 2017
Anthem:          Peter Masson
Grace:             Dhanni Ramdeen
Toast to Queen, Rotary & Canada       President Mike
Members attending today: 12
  1. Basil & Donna attended a District 7070 Membership “fantastic” seminar this past weekend and have returned with a number of excellent ideas for improving the“Rotary brand” and attendance at our club. Stay tuned for a meeting on this important subject.
  1. Mike alerted us to the Scarborough Rosewood Food Drive to be held through the Holiday Season. Saifoo Lau is our contact with the SRF Drive which can be reached at (647) 385-1256. Gerd added an interesting suggestion from his mother who has used an “inverted” Advent Calendar as a reminder to deposit some item of food each of the 24 days into a box for collection at the end of the holiday season for delivery to the Food Bank.
Jim Boyko pointed out that cheques can be made out to the “Scarborough Rosewood Food Drive” as well since the Food Banks often find that there are too many cans donated while cash and/or cheques will give them more flexibility to meet the needs of those requiring assistance. Basil offered that because of the increasing ethic diversity of the Scarborough population that their needs often will not be met by those staples of our more European diet.
Anyone who wishes to send money to the Food Drive can make out a cheque to our Rotary Foundation (minimum $50) and will receive a tax receipt at year-end.
  1. President Mike wished to thank all members who have participated in or solicited donations for the Rotary E-Bay Auction this year. Bidding is still welcome at until December 3rd.
  1. Our Christmas luncheon will be held at the BR on December 6th. Bring along your guests. We hope to have a bit of Christmas cheer under the leadership of Kevin Moore (yet to be confirmed),
This will be our last meeting until the new year on January 3rd  (White Gifts) and then on Jan  10th Jim Boyko will share his ideas of what has happened this past year and what might occur in 2018. He even encouraged us to provide suggestions for him to tackle. (Good luck Jim with NAFTA, BREXIT, TRUMP the trumpeter, Merkel on a tightrope, and the Middle East in turmoil.) Forward any other suggestions along to Jim for his always welcome and insightful commentary.
The Marbelous 50/50 Draw:
Dhanni Ramdeen was asked to pull a ticket and she was successful in pulling her OWN ticket. (Arthur was impressed at her style!) Well, nothing more came of that but she did get $5 as a consolation prize.
Frank Allison started his work off with a joke which might today be considered a case of a doctor engaging in the newest sport of sexual harassment. The patient might claim that the request to remove all her clothes because she is hurting all over is not necessary to attend to a broken finger!
He then went on to invite happy bucks from all who were happy with the Grey Cup victory of the Toronto Argonauts last Sunday. The other “football/soccer” fans will be asked to make their contribution next week if the FC’s move onto the finals. THEY DID!
Dave Hardy is now back from his place in the sun in Fort Meyers FL and happy to see that it has been cleaned up after the hurricane damage sustained by “Irma” last September.
Gerd had a sad buck for his mother who recently lost her very best friend who has passed. Regretfully, this is one of those things that accompany growing old and sometimes older than your friends, spouses and even children. We should nurture our friendships and our families while we can, especially when we often see them during this season of the year.
Sai Foo was happy because he can now sleep in peace and Dhanni also contributed to the fine box because, in spite of her recent erratic schedule, (caused, in part by her brother’s illness) she was able to put up her Christmas tree and house decorations.
Gordon was happy to contribute two bucks because his two favourite teams Chelsea and Toronto FC are playing today. Results : CHE 1 vs SWA 0 and Toronto FC 1 vs Columbus 0. Gord will owe some more happy bucks next week!
Arthur finalized this session with a snow peas and chow mein funny which we all enjoyed.
Gerd Wengler rose to the challenge when Gordon announced that we did not have a speaker
scheduled for to-day. Gerd decided to draw on his other role as poetry afficionado since his trip to the Yukon earlier this summer.  He shared the poem by Robert Service “ he Cremation of Sam McGee”.  He made apologies for his “Saskatchewan” accent but he did very well as the  link attached will show.
To hear Gerd’s narration click on this link:
This is Google’s translation of Gerd’s poetry solo.
The meeting was complete with the Cremation of Sam McGee and no one else See all who can make it next week for our Christmas luncheon.
Joke of the day:

A doctor, lawyer, and a Rotarian in charge of fundraising all die and arrive at the Pearly Gates about the same time. St. Peter tells them they may each have one thing to take with them to Heaven.

The doctor is first, and asks for $1 million. This is given and proceeds to enter Heaven. The lawyer, not to be outdone, asks for $2 million. "Very well," say St. Peter and opens the gate to Heaven for the lawyer.

Finally it is time for the Rotarian, who had just finished a fundraising project for The Rotary Foundation. St. Peter asks him what he would like to take to Heaven. The fundraiser moves up very close to St. Peter, and in a soft voice asks, "It it's not too much trouble, could I just have the names of those two people who were ahead of me in line?"