Anthem:   Gordon Brown
Grace:   Kevin Moore
Toast: Incoming president Mike Mushet

In attendance:         15  (including guests)
Guests:  Joan Masson
Maddy announced and demonstrated the use of of our new credit card “machine”. We are now able to process VISA and Mastercard payments easily and quickly. Gerd has all the fixin’s.
Arthur reminded us of the upcoming park clean up on Saturday April 22 at Milliken District Park, 4325 McCowan Rd., at the South-East corner of McCowan Rd. and Steeles Ave., in association with Councillor Chin Lee and fellow member Rotarian James Burchell. Meet at 9:30 at Millikan District Park Community Center, where there is parking, and the clean up will be from 10 to noon. We are looking for a good turn out from our Club and other Scarborough Clubs may also be joining us.
Kevin Moore then told us a cleaner joke than most of us are used to hearing.
Marbelous draw was very well subscribed, conducted by Maddy. The ticket was drawn by Joan Masson and won by Arthur
The mutant marble was NOT found and the $5 consolation prize was awarded. It was noted that there are only about 5 un-winning marbles left.
Sergeant at Arms. Gordon Brown
Fines:  Gordon fined members for missing pins only - several members still paid up
Happy bucks were provided by:
Dave Hardy for his granddaughter for winning a dance competition
Dhanni $5 for her recovery (expected soon) from dental surgery
Arthur told and paid for a bad joke about wind. No comment
Kevin Moore for being here and another for a bad joke about eyebrows. Still clean.
Gerd told a limerick about a tiger - clean but not really for lunch.
Today’s speaker was unable to attend so an extended social session ensued. Doug Strype presented a cheque for $2,000 to Kevin Moore for City Hope. Kevin thanked the club and advised that it would likely be used for summer camps.
Next week’s speaker will be: Christine Ung who will tell us about the upcoming “Buy Good, Feel Good” Expo.