Posted by Rocco Colangelo on Apr 04, 2018
Chairman –                 President Mike Mushet
National Anthem –       Gordon Brown
Grace –                        Arthur Retnakaran
Toast to the Queen -    President Mike
Attendance –                13 including guests
Guests -                       John Barrett visiting from the Scarborough Rotary Club
and guest speaker PDG Bob Wallace from the Port Hope Rotary Club.
President Mike, on April 23rd we are invited to have lunch with mayor John Tory at the Delta Hotel, Gordon Brown will send an invite with further details,
Gerd  Got invited to be the guest speaker at the Toronto Rotoract Club and he was impressed by the well organized young Club hopefully future Rotarian’s, Gerd gave a speech on Hope Air.
Donna reported that Baton Rouge will no longer serve lunches Monday to Thursday, this means next Wednesday April 4th  is the last time we are able to hold the meeting at the usual day and time, thereafter for the time being we will be meeting on Fridays instead, at the usual time, until a decision is made whether we continue meeting on Fridays or change venue.
The fireside date is April 13th at the Highland Yacht Club, Gordon will send an email with time and gate entry code, please respond (hopefully yes) to Gordon’s email.
Gordon Brown handed a check to our treasure that he got at the TV auction meeting from Kevin Manuel for the amount of $3082.49, that’s our portion of the online auction results.
Barry Smith gave the Club an updated of the on line auction Post Mortum meeting he attended with Kevin Manuel (Chair), Gordon Brown and Rocco Colangelo from our Club, and representing members of all participating Clubs.  All present at the meeting were in favor of returning to the TV auction format as we all are familiar with.  This time we would be partnering with CHCH TV and two former producers from the past TV auctions.  Everything will be the same as we are familiar with, the auction timing will be at the same basic time, just before Christmas, it will be on the main TV channel and will also be streamed live on the internet. We will be doing the same thing as before, we get the phone lines and all the things we did before at the East York Community Center. Our partners in this will be supplying all the sponsors they need to get 70k in sponsorship that would cover all the expenses and we keep all the proceeds from the auction, we would also get half of any amount over the 70k in sponsorship. Knowing that the proceeds from the online auction will never replace the TV auction, Barry stressed that all Club members are expected to take this series to get items for a successful auction, we shouldn't let another year slip by without letting our donors know that we are still having a TV auction or risk loosing all the contacts.
Kevin Manuel will update us as he has further meetings with CHCH and producers to finalize details. 
For the time being, we will still keep exploring other fund raising possibilities, should we still need a backup.
Marbelous Draw Gerd Wengler conducted the draw, Rocco's ticket was pulled but he once again failed to find the mutant marble. Rocco gladly donated his consolation price back to the foundation as a way of happy bucks.
Sergeant At Arms - Gordon Brown, fined anyone that hasn't registered for the home hospitality yet, the date is June 25th.  Gordon then asked for happy bucks,
Barry Smith happy that the TV auction may be resurrected, David Seemungal finally recovered from traveling, others simply happy: Rocco, Peter, Gerd, Roland List and more.
PROGRAM – Today’s program was focused on membership.
President elect Donna introduced today's speaker PDG Bob Wallace from the Rotary Club of Port Hope.  Bob is the Rotary coordinator for eastern Canada and his focus is membership.
Bob explained to us the importance of membership, in order for Rotary to stay strong and grow, we need to attract new members. Changes may also be necessary to make Rotary more easily recognized.
Bob suggested to check the RI website where you find lot of publication with information and ideas on how to
improve in attracting new members.
Please follow the mp3 audio and the slides presentation links for the details of Bob’s presentation. 
Barry Smith tanked Bob for his informative presentation.
Editor's note:  Apologies for the late bulletin. I had a very busy time in Dallas at regional meetings. Will improve when I retire.