Posted by Arthur Retnakaran on Jul 24, 2017
Chair person: Mike Mushet
National Anthem:  Gordon Brown
Grace:  Mike Mushet
Toast to the Queen, Canada and Rotary: Mike Mushet
1. Basil reminded everyone about volunteering to collect donations at the Ribfest which starts on Aug 4th.
2. TV auction committee will meet later in the evening to plan for the test run of the E-bay auction (Aug 13 to 20)
3. Basil reminded everyone who received the tax receipts from the Rotary foundation not to use them as it is not meant for individual members. 
4. Scarborough Rotary Club is requesting for volunteers for their canopy set-up at the Guild Alive and Culture function from July 29-30 at the Guild Park and Gardens. Contact Gerard at (416) 264-4527 or E-mail for volunteering and information on Parking.
5. Mike and Gerd are organising a reception for the Rotarians flying in to attend the International Rotary Meeting as well as  make hotel reservations for the visitors to stay in one place.
6. Peter was getting the handicapped van that was donated to the club fixed up with minor repairs for licensing for delivery to the Syrian family as arranged by Dave Hardy.
7. Dues can be  paid by Credit Card to Gerd who has the cell phone set-up for reading the card.
8. Donna reminded all the scribes to continue to send their reports (Minutes of the Luncheon Meeting) to Danny Cassidy ( who is on leave of absence from the club.
Marbelous Draw:  Peter  conducted the draw and Ben Bakari picked the joint ticket held by Mike and Gerd but the magic marble eluded them and were rewarded with the consolation prize of $5.
Guests: Ben Bakari and his mother were introduced by Frank; Bob Johnson and Mike Conolly by Basil. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sergeant at Arms: Gordon asked for the Nationality of our International President (Australian) and fined everyone who did not know which was almost all ! Happy Bucks from Mike Conally, Gerd who saw the Queen(!!), Sad Buck from Basil for the Rotary President elect passing away.
Attendance: 15 including 4 guests.
In lieu of speaker: On Friday July 7th, AC-759 (Airbus 320} from Toronto San Francisco nearly touched down on a crowded taxiway with planes but aborted the landing and landed in runway 28R as originally scheduled. ( Our resident expert, Gerd, gave his take on the Air Canada landing peril. While he himself had not landed in the SF International airport he was familiar with the landing strips. The 2 parallel runways are apparently well lit with a powerful bank of lights for landing with running white lights on either side of the runway. Whereas the Taxiway is poorly lit with blue lights. He was not sure as to why the pilot would make such a mistake! Gerd's friend, Guido Warnecke landed a jet aircraft at the SFO airport under similar circumstances using visual approach at night and this is his video which is quite dramatic:
Adjournment: President Mike Mushet concluded the meeting by wishing everyone a pleasant week.