Posted by Arthur Retnakaran on Feb 08, 2018
Anthem: President Mike
Grace: President Mike
Toast to Queen, Canada and Rotary: President Mike
Members in attendance:  10
Guests: None
  • Gerd: Presented a check for $1000 donated by his company’s law firm, Blaney and McMurtry
  • Basil: Reminded everyone of the Leadership Institute training Part 1 to be held on the 24th of Feb in Oshawa. Registration fee is $70 which includes breakfast. Lunch and Snacks.  Our share for Host Hospitality for the International Meeting is $5K (Total amount for all the Scarborough clubs is $20K).This will entitle all the members of the club to attend the dinner at Guild Inn at no cost but spouses and guests will have to pay $60.
  • Donna: Our speakers could not come today because of the snowfall and they will be rescheduled for another date. Changes to the meeting format suggested by Bob Wallace were discussed. Perhaps we could invite him for a presentation.
  • Kevin Moore: has decided to leave our club but has promised to assist in any way he can.
  • Arthur: Called for a meeting of the Community Services Group immediately after lunch at the same venue.
There was a “Bloodless coup” and Jim and Gerd took over the meeting!  President Mike did not put up a struggle!!!! It was all in jest!
Marbelous Draw: Jim conducted the Draw, Saifoo drew Basil’s ticket but alas the magic marble eluded him and he was presented with a 5 dollar consolation prize!
Sergeant at Arms/Happy Bucks:
Barry took on the role of Sergeant at Arms and promptly fined Frank for not being able to produce his amnesty card!
Peter had a happy (or sad?) buck for being scheduled for cataract surgery next week.
Barry had a happy buck for his planned visit to Calgary to see his second granddaughter and a sad buck for the $1200 flight cost for his entourage!
 Saifoo came late (for which he was fined by the Sergeant at Arms!) after his scheduled visit to the Yee Hong Gardens Senior Center. He was promptly recruited to make an impromptu presentation of his activities at the Senior Center. He started by saying that it will be the year of the dog when the Chinese New Year’s day starts next week. Nobody knew that Ground Hog Day started in Germany (Shame on you Gerd!). They had a Dim Sum today after which they did Tai Chi followed by videos. He is planning to teach them how to use tablets (once he figures out how!!). Frank thanked him by presenting him with a certificate of eyesight restoration in a patient in India.
Closure:  Gerd called the meeting to an end and wished everyone a pleasant week.
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