Mar. 18, 2015
Anthem:  Rocco Colangelo
Grace:  Gerd Wengler
Toast: Gerd Wengler

In attendance:    12        (including  guest)
Guests:  Joan Masson;
Kevin Manuel announced TV Auction dates and invited all to 1st TV Auction mtg. on April 15th at 7 PM. Contact Kevin for further info.
Gerd announced that our firetruck donated to Eluthra, Bahamas was actually used successfully recently. Further opportunities may be forthcoming.
Peter Masson announced that he will be collecting more PH scholarship applications - looks like 12 received so far (now 15.)
Marbelous draw conducted by Alan Meredith was drawn by Dhanni Ramdeen and won by Rocco Colangelo.
The mutant marble was not found and the $5 consolation prize was awarded
Sergeant at Arms. Rocco Colangelo
Fines:  Our SAA fined himself his winnings
Happy bucks were provided by: Jim Boyko that the Leafs are out of playoffs.
Joan Masson was happy but I couldn't hear why.
Arthur "sold" some coasters from his trip.
Frank Allison's grandson is working out with Toronto Argos.
Gerd did his taxes and his accountant agrees that Canada is a nice place and many immigrants to our country have been rewarded.
Today’s speaker, Arthur Retnakaran, was introduced by Dhanni Ramdeen and he spoke about his recent trip to India and China.
Arthur was thanked by David Seemungal for his presentation and presented with a scotch glass.
A sound file of the presentation is attached as
A photographic tour of China and India follows: