Posted by Danny Cassidy on Sep 09, 2019
Attendance: 22 including 2 guests.
Guests: Jim Conway (Agincourt)  Karen Wilson / Moore (Looking for a club )
Anthem: Dave Hardy
Grace:  Arthur
Toast to the Queen, Canada & Rotary:  President Barry
Two meetings held so far. Next meeting Monday Sept, 9. 
Pub night organized enjoyed by all who attended,  3rd Wednesday of the month informal/ social,  Pod setup and director responsibility re: meeting setup, discussed last meeting.
Started with a joke: (as close as I remember : Editor)
Three old guys sitting on a bench.

One says, "Windy today."

Another says, "No, you idiot, it's Thursday."

The third guy says, "Me too. Let's go get a beer."

On a more serious note 

Community Services had an e mail meeting which worked quite well.

Last year we supported 16 different organizations to a tune of nearly 25,000 dollars. So far this year we have supported two requests (i) Toronto Argonauts Youth Leadership Program sponsoring  2 High School students from the Scarborough area for a cost of $140. (ii) Sponsorship of Asialicious North Scarborough Food Fest for $300 where we manned a Rotary information booth. The left over money from the sponsorships is to be given to the Rosewood food bank. Currently we have received several requests for funding and they are under review. Our board has provided us a provisional amount of $ 25,000 for us to proceed with the requests. We have also received grants to buy mittens, socks and head gear to augment our Warm Hands program.  
David Seemungal  
First meeting Sept, 4 after lunch meeting.
David to review past donations of $2,700.00 with Rotary in Trinidad.
Working on:  
  • Sleeping children project. This project has helped over one million children with blankets etc.
  • Operation eyesight
  • Polio eradication
  • Focus on replenishment of shelter boxes rather than supplying boxes. In answer to a question by Basil
  • Looking into how we can help with the catastrophic effects of the recent hurricane in the Bahamas. In answer to a suggestion by Arthur.
Our committee includes Maddy, Dahanni, Courtney and David. Part of 7070 with 57 clubs.
Donations from members:  $4,560.00 so far.
The Rotary Foundation is the 2nd largest endowment in the world.
Will match grants from clubs for various causes like maternal childcare and Sanitation programs.
Marbelous draw:
Conducted by: Maddy
Drawn by:  Karen
Won by:  Arthur
Result; $5.00 only 
  • Frank gave a toast to Arthur's birthday. All sang Happy Birthday and drank Arthur's wine.
  • Courtney: Scarborough food drive starts today with Scarborough North, Agincourt and Malvern clubs participating. Rosewood Food Bank. Now accepting perishable items
  • Basil Suggested: At next week's meeting, members bring 2 non perishable items. Suggested baby food and formula as an example.
  • Dave Hardy: Announced an all Scarborough club meeting with Liz Buller, CEO of the Scarborough Health Network. In November (details to follow). Liz will discuss the changes taking place at the SHN,
Jim Boyko was find for what Alan perceived to be a derogatory comment about a fellow member. The comment of course was made in jest and Alan is just mean.
Arthur was fined because Alan said he he didn't know he was reporting today. Arthurs report was very good. Alan is just mean.
Everyone was fined who didn't have a name tag. $2.00
Alan collected lots today. Well done Alan.
Dave was happy about his trip to Labrador with his grandkids
Rocco was Happy about a trip to Korean Village with his Family
Karen was Happy to introduce herself.
No Meeting recording today.
President Barry closed the meeting.
  Items needed