Posted by Danny Cassidy
Chairman: President Gordon Brown
Toast to the Queen, Canada & Rotary: Gordon
Attendance: 14
Guests: 2           Jean Claude Crock. Visiting member and possible transfer.  Speaker Steve Rutledge
Gordon let us know that the bottle drive is on October 24th at the Agincourt beer store. He has sent an email out to members looking for volunteers. This project relies on volunteers to be successful.
Gerd and Park Property Management. Are helping with collection logistics.
The bottle drive was discussed and Steve Rutledge gave us some insight into how the Whitby Club had a successful first drive.
Whitby has a membership of 90 and all of the members had collected bottles during the COVID lock down so when the beer store started taking returns they had a massive amount of bottles to return. They used members trailers to get the bottles to the beer store. Signage was important before and during their drive. Large signs with Rotary emblem.
The second drive was not successful. They paired with another Whitby club but the volume of bottles and cans could not come anywhere close to the first drive.
Steve outlined the acceptable strategy of separating plastic bottles from Glass and coloured bottles from clear. He also suggested putting the beer cans in a clear plastic bag to be weighed by the beer store.
Social media was used to promote both drives.
Gordon let us know that we would not be using the front door of the beer store but would take the bottles and cans to the back door. Gordon also suggested that if you don't want to store the bottles and cans you could collect them then take them directly to your local beer store then send the money in to Dhanni marked bottle drive when you have over $50.00.
Please respond to Gordon's note about Volunteers. Volunteers are needed on the day.
David Introduced Steve Rutledge.
Rotary Beirut Recovery Initiative
Steve talked about the devastation left after the explosion in Beirut and how Rotary can help with donations. He talked about the fact that there is only one hospital in Beirut that is a public hospital and not private. Most cannot afford the private hospitals. The Karantina hospital has been damaged also in the explosion.
Please have a look at Steve's presentation by following this link:
Frank asked everyone about their opinion on the US presidential debate and got opinions from members on their impression and who they would vote for. No one was impressed and some gave their opinion on the vote while others preferred not to talk politics. We are all grateful that we live in Canada.
Gerd hates all this US politic none sense but did have a good time flying up to Cochrane on the weekend.
Gerd was happy for the donations received for his walk and is sure more people will donate Donnie Basketball Needs To Go For The Triple -
Donation procedure: E-transfer the donated amount with a note - "Gerd's Foundation walk" to It will auto deposit to the Rotary bank account. No fee to the club.
Gordon is not happy with his football team!
Jean Claude, wanting to make sure he new the best public transit routes to his new job in Toronto spent Sunday trying all the routes. He got home at midnight but made his job on time on Monday
Al had better things to do than watch the debate but made it clear if he could vote he would vote with his pocket book.
Trudy. Didn't want to talk politics as not exactly a happy thought as did Basil.
Avrum would vote for the moderator of the debate as he had an impossible task but he feels the result of the election should not affect the market.
Peter agreed with Avrum about the moderator . Peter also apologized if anyone got spam notes from him as his computer was compromised.
Arthur is not happy with the tracing system in place and the time it takes to line up for a COVID test then the time it takes to get a result.
Anthony liked how Trump run things but didn't like his antics.
Mike. Likes stay at home politics but believes when pressed people will say what is acceptable to the current audience.
Gordon. For the good of rotary.  Closed the meeting