Posted by David Seemungal
Chair:  President Gordon.
Toast to the Queen, Canada and Rotary:  President Gordon
Attendance:       20
Guests:    Susan Roper - ADG;          Kevin Moore-Past member and President;          Dorothy Evans - PP Markham Sunrise RC and Better Half of Basil Dias;      Joan Masson - Better Half of  Peter;        PDG, PP and member Ralph Jones, now a member of RC Alliston      and soon to return our old member Mandy Nwobu.
  •   Next week is a social evening.. Use the usual lunchtime meeting link to attend.
  • Courtney reported the great news that Scarborough Rosewood Drive has received its Charitable Status from CRA. It will be now known as Rising Sun Food Drive Foundation. He thanked the club and the many people who helped on the steering committee and especially Barry Smith who has helped them immeasurably in getting their status.
Dr Arthur Retnakaran, our resident scientist and guide to all scientific esoterica, gave a presentation on the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine which was recently announced. It is an RNA vaccine, which is based on the latest revolutionary technology. He made the whole process and mechanism remarkably understandable. His presentation is included in the link below.
See the source image
This was followed by a presentation from President Gordon in honor of Remembrance Day. He used excerpts form a presentation given by his partner Sue at her school. Due to a couple of technical issues we were only able to enjoy parts of it.
 Danny Cassidy then shared the remarkable story of the ANZAC campaign at Gallipoli in Turkey in the First World War, and the reconciliatory gesture made by the leader of the Turkish government in the years after. Danny gave a spoken rendition of the song " and the band played Waltzing Matilda. Follow this link to hear the song:
There had been a few requests for songs but the Technical difficulties prevented that.  However a couple are listed below;
Peter: " Last night I had the strangest dream"
Kevin Moore: " Remembrance Day"
We listened to a rendition of the Last Post and observed a minute of silence in honor of the fallen and returned soldiers in the wars since.
Members shared their thoughts and memories on friends and relatives who served. It’s the first year that we did not have any of our members who had not served in any of the wars. 

Frank Allison shared memories about one of our longest-serving veteran members Steve Zelinski who served honorably and was wounded in battle but still returned to the fight. In two weeks, he would have been 102. 
President Gordon Closed the meeting and wished everyone a good week ahead.
Editor's note:  At least 59 Canadian soldiers died by suicide after the Afghanistan war. Please remember them and those who are still suffering from PTSD today.