May 25, 2016
Chair: Basil Dias
Anthem: Gordon Brown
Grace: Mike Mushet
Attendance: 14.
Guests: 2 – Mr. Hanumantha Rao from Rotary Club of Visakha Valley in Visakhapatham, India: Mirella Rossi, our speaker.
  • Board meeting – June 2nd hosted by President Gerd.
  • Basil said that the TV committee consists of 5 members: Basil, Alan, Maddy, Jacqueline and Rocco. We want to return to the “good old days” where we had total membership involvement where all our members brought in items and participated at the Auction. Alan sent out an email with all the TV auction documents and confirmed that all members received them.
  • Dave Hardy reminded us of the meeting of the Rotary clubs of Scarborough on June 13th to give an update on the Scarborough Renewal campaign and Rotary 2018 conference in Toronto.
  • Doug Strype, our treasurer relayed that the total money pledged for Jack Holman’s legacy is close to $4000. He reminded us that the following pledges by members are still outstanding:
  • Frank Allison     100
  • Kevin Moore    100
  • Alan Meredith    100
  • Jacob Lakirovich   100
  • Arthur Retnakaran   200
  • Mandy Nwobu    100
  • Emmanuel Nwankwo    100
  • Roland List     100
  • David Seemungal    100
  • Danny Cassidy    100
Marbelous Draw: Mike Mushet and he won the consolation prize of $5
Basil presented last week’s grand prize winner of the 50-50 draw to Arthur in the amount of $168. Congratulations Arthur!!
SAA – Mike Mushet.
In the spirit of a beautiful day, no fines were given out.
 Happy Bucks from:
  • Dave Hardy on his daughter success on her fund raising.
  • Barry Smith survived entertaining his 3 years old granddaughter.
  • Roland List is just simply happy.
  • Arthur Retnakaran happy about his sister and brother-in-law visiting from Japan.
  • Mike Mushet took his boat in the water.
Donna Salamalay introduced the speaker Mirella Rossi, Principal of Precious Blood Catholic School. We partnered with this school in the meal program, Interact club, and an integrated thinking workshop for 50 students. The population of this school is 500 students.
Mirella is a mother of 3, 2 completed higher learning and the third is currently doing his Mechanical Engineering degree.
Mirella is passionate in what she does and her goal is to change the culture of education across Canada.  
Tune in to the link for Mirella’s speech.
Arthur thanked Mirella for moulding the children, the future of tomorrow and presented her with a certificate from Operation Eyesight.