Posted by Donna Salamalay on Nov 28, 2019
Attendance: 13 including I guest
Guest: Dorothy Evans  
Anthem: Peter Masson
Grace: David Seemungal
Toast to the Queen, Canada & Rotary: President Barry
  • Barry: We had a great Auction; preliminary results indicate proceeds raised were approx. $50K, our club’s share still to be determined.
  • Arthur: Planning is underway for the Warm Hands program. We will be distributing toques and socks as well this year. Arthur will bring items to the meeting next week so everyone can participate in delivery to the schools.
  • Barry: There will be a Board Meeting next Monday.
  • Frank: Advised us of the passing of Steve Zielinski, an honorary member.  Steve lived in his home in Scarborough most of his life and enjoyed good health until his passing. Basil gave details on the funeral & visitation – please refer to the email Basil sent out earlier today.
Frank on a recent visit with Steve
; At Steves 100th Birthday 2018
1. Steve and his daughter Theresa
2. Steve is sitting with Bren Macklin also a former member of the club
3. Roy Loach and Steve during a moment of sharing memories.
4, Steve is receiving a phone call of congratulations (Don't know who is beside him)
5. Steve, his daughter, and granddaughter?
Steve Zielinski
Marbelous Draw: Conducted by Gerd.
Drawn by our guest, Dorothy who picked her own ticket! Unfortunately, the magic marble eluded her. Dorothy received $10 which was subsequently donated back to the club.
Mike did not levy fines this week but asked if anyone had happy bucks.  There were three general happy-to-be-here donations, with eight members donating in memory of Steve.
Gerd attended the District Assembly two weeks ago and accepted RI’s Presidential Citation-Platinum on behalf of our club – RCNS was one of two clubs in D7070 to achieve this level. In recognition, Donna was presented with a PH pin by Barry, along with a beautiful handcrafted, custom-made citation from Gerd. Thanks to all for your help & support!
Barry presented Gerd with a double Ruby PH pin in recognition for his generosity and significant support to our club over many years.
Barry introduced Keith Nugara, whom he has known for over ten years. Keith joined RCNS earlier this year and gave his classification talk today.
Keith began his career in banking, with Scotiabank then transitioned to services with Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE).  In 2008 he joined Telus when they bought the business from BCE. Keith noted that Telus has had a long connection with Scarborough, going back to 2002 when Clearnet was acquired. The company is committed to giving back to the community, with a focus on Youth & Youth development.         
Keith gave an overview of Telus’ current focus including the fact that they manage verticals on a solutions basis, both domestically and internationally.  Three key areas of focus are:
  1. HealthTech
  • Created an ecosystem on managing health including health benefits management. This includes behind the scenes processing of data ex: connecting pharmacists, physicians and other key stakeholders  
  1. Fintech
  • A focus is on digital mortgages, connecting land registry, lawyers, banks and other stakeholders. They also provide the platform for other financial transactions such as bill, tax payments.
  1. Agricultural Technology       
Telus has grown primarily via acquisition and has expanded its International Markets. They provide business process outsourcing and back-office services to other corporate clients. 
Barry thanked Keith for a very informative presentation and the meeting was adjourned at 2:pm.