Posted by Dhanni Ramdeen on Nov 20, 2019

Attendance: 14 members. No guests.

Anthem: Frank Allison

Grace: Peter Masson

Toast to the Queen, Canada, and Rotary:  President Barry


Announcements:  None


Marbelous Draw:

Mike Mushet conducted the draw and Peter Masson received the consolation prize of $5.


SAA – Tony Baker

Fines were imposed to the members who did not participate as a volunteer or donate items to the Auction. Fortunately, no one was fined.  


Happy Bucks:

o   Dave Hardy came back from Florida

o   Danny Cassidy ended up in the hospital and happy that he got a CT scan in a short time.

o   Peter Masson happy receiving the consolation prize.

o   Kevin Manuel is happy the Auction is this weekend.

o   Arthur is visiting Sault Ste. Marie after living there for 30 years. He intends to dine with many friends there.

o   Tony Baker is going away on a cruise.



The speaker was our TV Auction Chair, Kevin Manuel who was introduced by Rocco Colangelo.


       LINK:           TV Auction 2019.MP3


Kevin indicated that all items are blocked and inventoried. The website is set up and running at



The Auction is this weekend. (November 22nd to 24th) It begins with loading the items at the warehouse on Friday at 2:00 pm, followed by setting up at the studio at East York Community Centre on FRIDAY from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The Auction goes live on Saturday at 10:02 am and runs until midnight. Pickup of items runs between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Sunday. Clean-up is continuous during that time and completed at around 4:00 pm.



·        On-air people should arrive one (1) hour before their shift starts. If not, they may be replaced.

·        Other roles should be there 30 mins (1/2 hr) before their shift starts.

Upon arrival, all volunteers must check in at the security desk and submit a signed copy of the release form. If volunteers intend to bid while on shift, please provide your name and telephone for return calls.



Kevin went on to highlight some comparative data for 2018 and 2019.

                                  2018                          2019

Total items                      419                              517

Overall Value                 $84,977                        $95,470

Net Value per item           $202                             $185

RCNS – items provided       147                              183


Link to Auction promotion interview:


Dave Hardy thanked Kevin and noted that he is extremely impressed with the future of the Auction and thanked Kevin immensely for the tremendous hours he dedicated to the Auction.