Posted by Kathleen Bremner-Gooch on Nov 20, 2018


Acting President:-Gerd Wengler 

Attendance: 12 plus 1 guest.

Guest: Sumu Sathi from the Scarborough Twilight Club)

Athem:  Anthony Lippa

Grace:  Peter


Arthur told us that on January 17, 2019 Lee Soda from Agincourt Community Services will be the speaker.

He also told us the mittens/gloves for the school program were in his car for us to pick up after the meeting.

Dave Hardy told us that on November 30, 2018 there is a meeting of the MPP planned by the Scarborough Passport Club.  Also that there is a breakfast meeting and lecture put on by the Scarborough Renewal Organization at the Rexford Restaurant at 8:00 am on Saturday November 24, 2018.

Rocco announced that all items for the auction needed to be in by midnight tonight or at least logged in on the system.  

Barry announced he is working on membership and invited 3-4 people for next week.  Dave Hardy has one he is inviting as well.  Barry reminded us to bring in any qualified individuals and the younger the better but anyone will be fine


Marbelous Draw

Won by:  Anthony Lippa

Result:  didn’t win 


Sergeant at arms:  Dave Hardy

No Fines ….



Barry was happy that his web series won the Rebecca Geld award for best web series for their YouTube show.

Arthur is happy for the response to help out with the glove/mitten program.

Dave Hardy is happy he sold his building downtown Toronto.

Rocco was happy he survived Movembers.

Gerd is happy he and his wife Dorothy drove to Vermont and went to a LandRover off road training area.  He enjoyed the track even though he did damage to his vehicle.  He was happy they drove through mountains and made new friends.



Speaker – Suma Sathi

She is a social worker and likes to make documentaries that present the human struggles in Sri Lanka.  She brought in a trailer of her current documentary she is working on getting the funds for so we could see her work.


Courtney thanked Sumu for her presentation and presented her with a name of a person who had their sight restored in her name under the project Operation Eyesight.

Meeting adjourned.