Posted by Arthur Retnakaran on Nov 05, 2018

Anthem: Arthur

Grace: Arthur

Toast to Queen, Canada and Rotary: President Donna

Members in attendance:  21

Guests: None


1. Barry: The dead line for accepting gifts for the auction has been extended. So please bring your gifts.

2. Donna: Meeting of the local politicians will be hosted by 6 Rotary Clubs on November 16th. Please contact Raffi for details. Warm Hands glove distribution to schools will be conducted by Arthur and we plan on to distribute 36 pairs to each school (3 bags of 12 each) to 22 schools. We would like each volunteer to distribute the gloves to 3 or more schools. Arthur has invited Lee Soda, Executive Director of the Agincourt Community Services Association to address our club on November 22nd. She does wonderful work and has a great story to tell. Please mark it on your calendar. 


Marbelous Draw:

Conducted by Jim Boyko.  Maddy won the consolation prize. 

Sergeant at Arms: Jim Boyko

  • Many were happy for the recruitment of 3 new members.
  • Danny Cassidy was happy to have 2 grand children born on Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Dhanni was going to UK with her family to celebrate her birthday. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Dhanni.
  • Donna thanked Barry for the 3 new members.
  • Rocco’s “Movember” moustache was on full display!
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Induction of 3 new members to our club:

Conducted by Past President Basil Dias. New Members are the life blood of the club and we are always looking for quantity of quality members he said in his introduction. On the night of February 23rd,1905, Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary met with Gustavus Loehr, a mining engineer and Sylvester Schiele, a coal dealer and Hiram Shorey, a merchant tailor and established the social setting for friendships and networking. To quote Bill Huntley (President of Rotary International 1994-95) “Rotary was born out of loneliness and exists to bring hope to the lonely and desolate”

The Chairperson of the Membership Committee, Barry(and President Designate) invited the 3 prospective new members Anthony, Courtney and Avrum along with their sponsors Gerd, Saifoo and Barry respectively to present themselves for the induction ceremony. Barry presented the inductees with their certificate of membership, Saifoo the objects of the Rotary and Gerd the Rotary Pin which symbolizes your proud membership.

The Four Way Test was presented by Basil and Saifoo with the aid of 4 lithographs painted by the South Florida artist, David Schor and commissioned by Rotary International.

1. Is it the truth? Description of the size of the fish that was caught and the group of small fish hanging on the bike!

2. Is it fair to all concerned?: A little girl not tall enough is standing on her tip toe to ride the Ferris wheel and the operator explain that it is not fair to others who are not tall enough.

3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?: An African man who was once a Rotary exchange student in Japan returns to visit his host family in Japan wearing his Rotary Pins and badges. The Japanese family is all full of smiles to see him.

4.Will it be beneficial to all concerned?: This picture shows children of different races and ethnic backgrounds smiling because they will no longer be sick from childhood diseases like Polio because of the worldwide vaccination programme in which the Rotary is heavily involved.

This was truly a historic occasion and in honour of the 3 new inductees Gerd  presented a cheque for $5K to the club from his company.

President Donna concluded the meeting and wished everyone a pleasant week.


November 1 in History.

1512 Michelangelo's paintings on ceiling of Sistine Chapel in the Vatican first exhibited.

1800 John Adams becomes the first US President to live in the White House

1913 Less than a week after the US non-intervention promise, President Woodrow Wilson demands that Mexican dictator Huerta resigns.

1922 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk takes Constantinople from Mehmed VI, proclaiming the Republic of Turkey and bringing an end to the Ottoman Empire.

1954 US Senate admonishes Joseph McCarthy because of his slander campaigns