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-President Barry opened the meeting with a toast to the Queen
Attendees:16 including guests
- Guests
             Ralph Jones past member of the Club a past DG
             Dorthy Evans Markham Sunrise Rotary Club
             Anna Maria  , past Club president, currently Calgary East Rotary
Ever Wanted to Adopt a Village in Laos? – Rotary Club of Toronto ...
 Dhanni introduced our speaker.Steve Rutledge
Steve gave a presentation on his  Rotary work in Laos in updating and improving a local village fresh water supply system and extensive renovations to a rural health centre . This is a project that our club has supported for many years.
Steve described a very challenging year. The initial budgets were found to be too small, They arrived after a 3 month drought, river levels were at a record low which caused changes to be made to the projects. the river that they had planned on damming didn't have enough water to supply the village plus two more villages down stream. a new river was located which necessitated a further 3.6 km of piping. costing a further  $20,000.00.
There were many issues not the least being COVID-19. Steve said that Laos acted very quickly on this and shut down the country basically, so students were stranded and all restaurants and hotels were closed. Despite this we were told that the water project for this particular village should be completed in 3 weeks. The rainy season came early this year so there will be plenty of water.
Steve described with pictures what the work results look like. I strongly advise you to take a look at the whole presentation by following this link.
Adopt-A-Village Laos | Rotary Club of Ladner (Delta)Laos Adopt A Village rebuilds with Ladner Rotary help | Rotary ...
David Seemungal thanked Steve for a very informative presentation.
It comes down to this simple premise: we are committed to ...Gerd Wengler/ Park Property stated that $100K will be made available to the Club to be allocated to benefit our community services  located in Scarborough , for prompt use ,for  COVID19 relief measures.
Arthur and his Community Service group will be the lead on distribution of funds If you have ideas for its use , contact Arthur. Discussion followed on how Park Property and the Club could get media recognition.
Arthur shared the suggestion he had received so far.
Sergeant at Arms   Gerd   requested happy thoughts  and jokes from the attendees .
Peter was happy that the weather was cooling off while Barry was happy that it had warmed up.
Arthur was happy that he heard new cases of COVID had slowed down drastically downtown. Tony also said that his apartment complex had no cases.
Various members were really happy with Steve's presentation. Alan suggested that he would like to donate. Donations ear marked for Steve can be sent to Dhanni.
Gordon said that the home Sue's mum lives in has been cleared of COVID and Sue can now visit.
Barry closed the meeting.
All  16 enjoyed another great Zoom meeting.
Editors note:
I was asked by SHN to send this notice out.
 Per an email sent earlier today, Scarborough Health Network is planning Pop-Up Assessment Centres at various locations across Scarborough to increase access to testing for our community.

Unfortunately, our previously scheduled Assessment Centre for Monday, June 1 at Westminster Presbyterian Church has been cancelled. We encourage those wishing to get tested to attend our next Pop-Up Assessment Centre:

Tuesday, June 2
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Global Kingdom Ministries
1250 Markham Road | View Map 

Stay tuned to our website for additional dates and times once available.

As a reminder, all community members and essential workers who have symptoms of COVID-19 or think they may be infected (even without symptoms) are encouraged to get tested. Infants younger than one year may only be tested at one of our three emergency departments

 We apologize for any inconvenience.