Posted by Kevin Manuel on Mar 12, 2018
Anthem:   Gordon Brown

Grace:  Basil Dias

Toast: President Mike Mushet

In attendance:   19       (including guests)
Guests: Barry Mitchell, Courtney Fisher, Sharon, Ralph Jones, and our guest speaker
Dave Hardy announced the Scarborough Business Association is hosting an Apr 23 Toronto Mayors Lunch at Delta Hotel. We may want to attend. Let Dave or Mike know. If enough interest is available, we could cancel our Wed lunch in lieu.
Gerd recd Loblaw food card and suggests we donate them. Suggested he sends out website address to all.
President Mike advised:
  1. hospitality tickets for guests are available for RI convention Scarborough hospitality event at Guild Inn. Let Jacqueline Smith know if you need them
Marbelous draw was conducted by Barry Smith. The ticket was drawn by guest Sharon and won by Gordon Brown.
The mutant marble was NOT found and the $5 consolation prize was awarded(sort of).
Sergeant at Arms. Frank Allison
Fines:  A geography test was given – if you do not know the capitals of all 3 countries Australia (Canberra), Cypress (Nicosia), Peru (Lima) fines were levied, double fines if you thought you knew and were wrong. This was expensive for some members whose capital knowledge was not quite perfect.
Happy bucks were provided by:
Frank for his soccer team advancing and for Ralph Jones being here.
Basil for TFC who have not lost to Mexico yet.
David Hardy and Sai-foo for Courtney being here.
Ralph Jones for being here
Today’s speaker was Doug Pritchard of the Citizens Climate Lobby. He was introduced by Dave Hardy and thanked by Gerd Wengler who presented an Operation Eyesight certificate. A recording  can be found at:
Next week’s speaker will be David Lockett of PACT who will update us regarding our support of this organization.