Posted by Peter Masson on Mar 27, 2018

Chair: President Mike Mushet

Anthem: Jacob Lakerovich

Invocation: Jim Boyko

Attendance: 17 including two guests:
Vern & Carol Burney of the Willowdale R.C.


! Peter advised that 6 applications have been received for the Paul Harris Scholarship
Awards but we have extended the deadline for others to April 2nd. All schools which
have not submitted have been advised of this extended deadline.
! Arrangements have been made to hold the Scholarship banquet at the Centennial
College Banquet Hll 8th floor of he hospitality building on Progress Ave. Monday May
28, 6:30pm.
! Frank Lippa announced the collection of $200 from his staff from the $25 Loblaw cards
It was advised that a phone call is less frustrating than the internet to activate the card.
Only you can activate the card.

! Jim Boyko said “Time is Money” and paid $20 for the cause rather than waste his time
on the internet or the phone to get a Loblawscard.

! Dave Hardy advised us that Monday, April 23rd will be the Scarborough Business
Association luncheon will feature John Tory to report on the state of the City. Let’s buy
a table and get your ticket soon. Tickets ($30 ?) available through the SBA website.(Last
year it was a sold out event). President Mike suggested that we cancel our regular
meeting April on the 25thth and attend the SBA one which will be held around noon
April 23rd at the Delta Hotel

! Gordon advised that Jacqueline will be collecting the $60 admission for guests to attend
the Conference hospitality event at the Guild Inn. Please call her if you have not paid

! Vern Burney told us about the new Interact Club that his Willowdale club has started at
Thornhill P.S.

Marbelous 50/50 Draw Winner  Barry.

Rocco was our S@A today and began looking for happy bucks.

! James was very happy to have been back to club meetings. Much is going on at City hall
and he is surfing it as best he can.

! Jacob was happy to be back after what seemed to be round-the-world touring the
music scene.

! Barry was happy to donate his offering having just visited with both of his
granddaughters: one in South Korea, the other in Ottawa.

! Gerd is happy that the cleaning of their house is almost complete (after 3 weeks)

! Jim said that one of his January predictions finally came true: Poutine (Putin) got
elected! That was worth $5.00!

! Peter was happy to report that Joan is now disposing of her 2002 Chrysler Sebring yo
granddaughter Melissa and upgrading to a 2007 Honda Fit. We call that downsizing but
not making any long-term plans for car ownership.

! Arthur announced that it was 50 years ago on March 22nd that he and his family arrived
for the first time in Canada. His Director at the Research facility in Sault Saint Marie, Dr.
Cameron, whisked him and his family through customs and immigration, helped shovel
their driveway after a snowfall in the Sault. He was like a father figure to them and
helped the family get settled into their new life in Canada.

! Jacob added to the money box to celebrate that his son has a new job with the
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra beginning in June.

The full discussion is found on the attached file:

Mike started the Assembly off by referring to his recent list of ideas/proposals to consider for
the future of the club.

Frequency of club meetings:
Several options were discussed but the consensus appeared to be to remain with weekly
meetings except when another with common interest e.g. the SBA meeting April 23rd would
replace our scheduled meeting April 25th . Also when the Rotary Scholarship Awards banquet
May 28th would replace our weekly meeting of May 30th
Consider flexible times and locations for meetings:
Another consensus was arrived at as was expressed by Jim Boyko. He schedules his business
meetings around our Wednesday noon hours. Scheduling multiple days and different times are
not easy to do and can result in reduction of attendance rather than an increase.

Change from the traditional meeting structure: e.g. bell, fines, banner, toast, grace (invocation)
Little interest in change here.

New Projects and Objectives:
Agreement that we must follow-up on some of ideas that are being researched for two of

More Advocacy projects like the Scarborough Renewal Organization.

We were very fortunate to have Dave Hardy and his firm fund the research and take the
initiative to own this project. It wouldn’t have occurred without him. We can get involved by
initiating Interact clubs and use our volunteer hours encourage a knowledge of Rotary in young

Will our operational structure and practice attract new members?
Not sure if we addressed this question as we ran out of time for those who had to depart for
their offices or other appointments.
Possibly this could be followed up with other questions at the “Fireside” scheduled for April
13th at Highland Yacht Club.

The meeting was terminated.
It is common practice to expect new Rotarians to give a talk to their fellows about themselves, their early life, their training and the job that they do. This is called a "Job Talk" by some and "The Man Behind the Badge" by others.
Later in Rotary life the Rotarian is often expected to fill the speaker diary by giving a talk which is NOT connected with his work. A hobby such as stamp collecting or model trains would be a good example.
My story recounts the time when Fred arrived at the meeting of his Rotary club to be reminded that he was the speaker for the evening and this was not a "Job Talk".
He had forgotten and was not prepared. He sat at the top table, beside the Chairman for the evening, and thought about a subject during the meal.
When he was announced he spoke about sex. The meeting listened to every word and asked many questions. It was a success.
When he arrived home, Mary his wife, asked "How was Rotary?".
"It was a good meeting" he said.
"What was for dinner?" she asked.
"Beef, and it was good" he answered.
"Who was the speaker?" she continued.
"I was" he replied.
"What did you speak about?"
Now he can see trouble looming!
"Sailing" he lied.
The next morning Mary was shopping in the town and visited the butcher who was also a Rotarian.
"Fred gave a wonderful talk last night." he said.
"Yes" said Mary, "but I don't understand why he chose the subject. The first time he did it he was sick and the second time his hat blew off".