Posted on Mar 19, 2019

Anthem:   Arthur Retnakaran

Grace:   Peter Masson

Toast: President Donna Salamalay

In attendance:   16  (including guests)  Guests: Saty Seemungal PP Port of Spain West, Trinidad


Image result for Roland ListA moment of silence was held in remembrance of Roland List.




President Donna reminded all of the 7070 District Conference Oct 25-27 and noted that early bird registration will only be available until Friday March 15


President Donna also advised of the upcoming Rotary Budget Breakfast on Mar 23 at 8am which will be moderated by our own Dave Hardy.


Frank Allison advised that Roland List’s bio was worth reading by all. He was a quiet Rotarian with many accomplishments


Arthur Retnakaran advised of a Community Service Committee meeting after lunch


Basil Dias noted the upcoming (June 22, 10-4) BBQ with the Birkdale Arts Fest. We will be providing support for this event (burger flipping, etc.) and volunteers are required. 


Our guest Saty Seemungal thanked us for our support of their care unit in Trinidad and announced that Port of Spain W Rotary Club has agreed to match our donations


Marbelous draw was conducted by Frank Allison. The ticket was drawn by Saty Seemungal and won by Kevin Manuel


The mutant marble was NOT found and the $5 consolation prize was awarded. 


Sergeant at Arms. Basil Dias


Fines:  None today






Dhanni paid in thanks for our members committing over $1,000 in memory of Roland today

Gerd paid regarding his fellow table mates and his difficulty in understanding their “English”

Danny Cassidy had a good cruise

Peter Masson will have staples removed next week. He will therefore be a few pounds lighter.

Dave Hardy has now moved his office to a new location.

Saty Seemungal paid a happy buck for the coming Spring.

Frank Allison paid as he will be a Great Grampa soon.

Jim Boyko was just happy – he also volunteered to assist Treasurer Dhanni with a “second look” at the Clubs books. Thanks Jim.

Dave Seemungal was happy to be part of a preventative medicine program recommended by Danny Cassidy

Arthur was happy his zoo training was complete. He can officially collect “ZooPoo.

Basil was happy that he is departing for Cancun where he will meet up with Alan Meredith for sime WalBeer.

Kevin was happy to win the $5 and donated another $5 for his second Grandson’s recent birth.




Today’s speaker was Treasurer Dhanni who was introduced by David Seemungal and thanked by Basil Dias

Recording to follow.


Next week’s speaker will be:


Lita Mae ButtonLita Button from Rock Steady Boxing, a non-contact Parkinson support Program. Join us to learn about this interesting organization and their success in treating this disease.