Posted by Maddy Chandrasekaran on Jun 10, 2019

Chairman –                 President Donna Salamalay 


National Anthem –     Barry Smith 


Grace –                      Tony Baker 


Toast to the Queen, Canada and Rotary - President Donna 


Attendance –             11 


Guests -                     None (Mike Conway dropped by after the meeting was adjourned) 




There were no announcements per se but a reminder from Gerd Wengler that our own representatives at the RI Convention in Hamburg, namely Basil and Peter, are having a grand old time if one were to go by reports on social media.  


Marbelous Draw

Alan Meredith conducted the draw, Maddy won the fiver but no more. The mutant marble eludes. 


Sergeant At Arms

Alan continued as SAA and fined those who wore no badge related to Rotary on their person (name tags don’t count).  


Frank was happy to celebrate his 55th wedding anniversary. 


Maddy duly returned the 50-50 gains towards to Habitat as Happy Bucks


Our guest Adwoa was happy to be back in the fold of Rotary. 

Arthur was happy to share his grandson’s exploits while on a Roman Holiday .




 Adwoa Buahene, VP of Donor & Community Partnerships.Habitat for Humanity - Greater Toronto Area




Our speaker Adwoa was introduced by Arthur. Interestingly Adwao’s first language is German, having lived in Germany until her move to Thunderbay at the tender age of 8. Do listen to the audio recording of Adwoa for her vivid description of Habitat For Humanity’s positive effect on so many across the GTA and how every little bit of sweat equity works. She  also very generously shared discount coupons for use at ReStore for often time brand new items at highly discounted prices, the proceeds going towards running HFH. The recording also throws light on the deep Rotary connection that Adwoa harbours and cherished to this day. 



Arthur thanked the speaker and shared his dear late wife Sarsi’s contribution to Habitat over the years. He then presented a cheque from the club which was topped generously by his  own personal contribution.

President Donna adjourned the meeting.