Toast to Queen, Canada & Rotary:  President Barry
Members present 15
Dorothy Evans: PP Markham Sunrise RC,
Emanuel Adewumi: Visiting Rotarian from West Africa. Emanuel is thinking of joining our club.
Jacqueline: Past member NSRC
Ralph Jones: Former member, President and past District Governor.
Students who received the Paul Harris Scholarships this year.
Excellent synopsis of the students studies and interests provided by Peter.
Apurva Kapadia Graduating from Cedarbrae C. I.

Apurva has been involved in many school sports activities during his time at Cedarbrae including rugby, baseball, cricket, tennis and badminton. He has shown leadership experiences as the SAC Prime Minister, DECA President, Prom Committee head and Drama Vice President.
His guidance counselor sums it up by saying Apurva is an outstanding student leader “He runs nearly everything in our school (from morning announcements to special events) and holds leadership positions in every club that he has joined.”

His community interests also were focused on baseball and basketball as well as visiting elementary schools to coach High School experiences to graduating students that they might expect to encounter the next year. He has also has been active in helping out community events and helping seniors.

Apurva's update:Will be attending the University of Waterloo for recreation and leisure studies majoring in sports business.


Ayesha Khan Graduating from Lester B. Pearson C.I.

Ayesha has only been at Pearson for two years. Prior to that she was a student at an International Indian School in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She has enjoyed debating and mentoring other students on science as STEM has been her strong suit. She was elected class representative, Prefect and Secretary of the Muslim Student Association and has studied to become a licensed certified tutor.

Her community interests have focused on her Taibu Community Health Centre as well as planning & organizing the marketing and food distribution for a conference of Youth Tarbiyah (Education). She was very involved in ushering, and food distribution at the Ramadan events in Pickering last year.

Ayeshas update:next year going to the University of Toronto, studying computer science. Is hoping to go into the medical field working on improving software for health care.


Sneha Khan Albert Campbell C.I.

Sneha has been tremendously involved in leading school clubs, groups, events and activities as a group founder to spread education and awareness of social justice issues in school and as a vice president of the School Debate Club. She was also president of the Health Occupations Student Association, a model UN member and chair of the debating and organizing conference held at Albert Campbell. Just to round out her interests she was a first trombone player and photographer for the school newspaper.

Outside school she has been co-president of the Interact Club of Scarborough 2017-2020 and was formerly treasurer and has “collaborated with the R.C. of Scarborough to help create posters and graphics for their events along with getting them started on social media.” Girls E-mentorship (GEM) provided an opportunity to attend professional seminars at top companies.She has been a volunteer at the Centre for Immigrant & Community Services over 3 years as well as a youth advisor at the Malvern branch of the Toronto Public Library.

Sneha's update:Sneha is a part of Interact. Going into International development at the University of Toronto. Would like to work in health care and work in different areas of the world, improving healthcare in developing countries.


Yumna Khan R.H. King Academy

Yumna’s school advisor describes her as one of the most talented, dedicated and compassionate students that he has ever met. She has been the organizer of the annual gift donation to the Dr. Oz. Healing Centre (a local women’s shelter) since 2016. She has been a member of the school Law and Society Council, a volunteer for the Terry Fox event and member of the school Equity Council which is concerned about educating the school community about people with disabilities. She also has been a peer tutor for French over the last 3 years.

Her outside interests reflect her compassionate description. They include being a facilitator of SMILE Canada which is concerned about children with disabilities and their families and was a facilitator for Move & Improve Canada to educate women about the importance of their health and wellness. She wishes to shed light on the negative impact that social media can have on one’s self-esteem and how it can be toxic. She is a teacher assistant at the Jamiul Hira Toronto Mosque and an organizer for Girl Power Celebration Day as well as a mentor for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Toronto.

Yumna's update. Will attend the University of Toronto next year in social science. Working in a 4 year general program to start and specializing later.



Gerd Introduced:      Ashley Wallis - Environmental Defence


Getting to zero plastic waste.

Environmental defence is a national environmental charity which has been around for 30 years. It is a leading advocacy group working with government, industry and individuals to defend clean water, a safe climate and healthy communities.

Plastic has definite benefits but has a huge downside. Ashley talked about the huge landfills filled with plastic. Plastic littering the shorelines and the effect on marine life. Ashley showed photos of animals caught up in plastic, unable to eat or breath and eventually dying of starvation or suffocation. Whales found with  plastic in their stomachs.

Canada alone produces 29000 tonnes of plastic waste each year. Only 9% is recycled 4% is burned and the rest ends up in landfills.

Ashleys presentation is compelling. To hear and see the presentation on our club you tube channel please click on the link below.


Environmental Defence Canada Logo.jpg






Barry thanked Gerd and Park Property Management for the generous $100,000.00 donation to the club earmarked specifically for community use such as food bank etc. Arthur's group with member input, has put together a list of community groups and funds will go out this week.






Frank Allison


Frank spoke of how much music has been a part of his life. Music helped him when in hospital for 8 weeks and music has helped brighten up his days. Frank mentioned the fact that originally music meant popular music. He had never had an interest in show tunes or musical theatre until he went to see "Jesus Christ Superstar" this was a revelation to Frank specifically the song "I don't know how to love him" sung by Mary Magdeline in the show. He believes it was life changing.

Frank asked that the members present let him know how music had effected them or if they had a special song that brightened their day.

Gerd, in Franks honour, proceeded to butcher "I don't know how to love him" which hopefully will not cause another life changing moment.

Danny loved the song "a whiter shade of pale" by Procul Harem. This song always reminds him of youth and summer days.

Peter loves the music of Rogers and Hammerstein, My Fair Lady,etc. Music is so important not just for education but for every day living.

Gordon spoke of the day that radio Carolyn, a radio pirate ship off the coast of Britain went off the air. Radio London played the song "All you need is love" as it went off the air. Gords favourite song is "needles and pins" by the Searchers.

Ashley misses the format used by a cd rom player where you would listen to a whole album over and over again on repeat until you knew every word.

David remembered a time in London when he as young when he bought a grinding cassette recorder. The first song he recorded was "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty. This song brings back many great memories.

Courtney Loves the song by Celine Dionne which has the words "Love can touch us one time and that for a lifetime". from the film Titanic.

Arthur told a story about a young guy in his lab years ago who used to sing those lazy hazy crazy days of summer" by Nat King Cole.


Alan. Off topic. brought up a good point that as we are not contributing the $20.00 for our meals, fines and happy thoughts we should make an effort to send something to Dhanni every month to make up for the shortfall

Frank thanked everyone for their input.

Barry closed the meeting and wished everyone a good week.


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