Posted by Basil Dias on Jul 02, 2019
Attendance:                16 members plus John Ramdeen, Dhanni’s plus one.
                                    Anthem:                      Peter Masson (yes, he’s finally returned from Europe!)
                                    Grace:                         Tony Baker (welcome back, Tony)
                                    Toast to the Queen, Canada and Rotary: President Donna
Donna announced that Saifoo and Dhanni were the recipients of this year’s Paul Harris Awards.
 Donna presented Gerd with his 25 year plaque for service in Rotary.
 Gerd announced that the “Jaws of Life” that our club had donated to the Eleuthera in the Bahamas was used to save lives after a bus with tourists   overturned.
 Peter presented a club banner from his Convention Host Hospitality, and told us about his visit with past Rotary youth exchange student Kristen and her family in Itzehoe.
Marbelous Draw:       Conducted by Rocco, drawn by President Donna, and won by Rocco!!! The mutant marble eluded Rocco, who had to settle for the consolation prize of $5.00.
Sergeant at Arms:     
Frank Allison collected happy bucks from many in attendance, including but not limited to: Frank himself, for Bette’s 20 years of volunteering at the Toronto Zoo; Rocco and Arthur thanking Donna for her year as President; Barry for a great Club and a great team; and Basil for finally getting rid of 320 hamburgers and 170 hot dogs from the Birkdale Arts festival to Agincourt Community Services Association.
Guest Speaker:          
                                    In the usual North Scarborough fashion, Donna was roasted in a nice way.
                                    In a recap of her year Donna advised that the club had raised $76,000 in revenue, was # 8 in contributions to our District, and                                       had also contributed significant amounts to the R.I. Foundation general fund and polio fund.
                                    Our club now has 32 members, thanks mainly to the efforts of President-Elect Barry.
                                    Thanks to President Donna, we have achieved Rotary International’s Platinum Citation. Well done, Donna!

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