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Toast to Queen, Canada and Rotary: President Barry
Members present 15
Dorothy Evans, PP Markham Sunrise Rotary Club
Saty Seemungal. David's father. Rotary club of Port Spain West, Trinidad.
EmanuelAdewumi, West Africa Rotary joining the club
Frank Teelucksingh.President of the Rotary Club of Port Spain West, Trinidad.
Ron Denham, Speaker .
Basil Introduced today's speaker Ron Denham. B.Sc., PHD Mechanical Engineer.
Ron Denham, Founding Chair, Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action ...Ron Denham, Founding Chair, Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group WASRAG
After obtaining an MBA in Business Administration, Ron entered the management consulting profession, eventually becoming Senior Partner and Vice Chairman of KPMG Management Consulting, Canada’s largest management consulting firm.  In this capacity he played a major role in development projects in Peru, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Greece, Algeria, Senegal and Cuba,
Ron first joined Rotary in 1958 in Welland. He then joined the Toronto Eglington Club in 1964.  He was President of his club and later District Governor. He was elected Paul Harris Fellow and is a Benefactor and Major Donor to The Rotary Foundation. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to Rotary, to his vocation and to the world community he was presented with the “Service above Self” award, Rotary’s highest honour. 
His current mission is to encourage all 1.2 million Rotarians to become familiar with world water issues, and every Rotary club (35,000) to become involved in a sustainable water and/or sanitation program  .
Alan Thanked Ron for his service and a great presentation.
Please click on the following link to hear the whole of Ron's presentation.
President Barry concerning our annual Rotary Auction. Barry is saying that the auction will go ahead regardless of the situation with COVID-19.
The auction will be held on a platform such as ZOOM but can be cancelled if necessary 30 days before the event. The current situation makes it even more important that we make this a successful event and that means we need items to sell. Sports tickets may be a problem but to make this event successful we need to start collecting items from our contacts NOW. We still have the storage facility graciously donated by Park Property Management. Instructions will be sent out to ensure that everyone stays safe while collecting and moving these goods. Stay tuned but start now!
Other projects need to be looked at. Suggestions welcomed.
Arthur: Helped Maddie
'To Sort And Bag Groceries At Precious Blood Catholic Elementary School'
for distribution to about 150-200 families.
Gerd asked for an update on Park Property Management donation of $100,000.00. Arthur said that all of the cheques have been sent out and provided the list.
David Hardy volunteered to create a media release. Congratulations to Arthur and his team for such a quick turnaround. Great Job Arthur!
Arthur Thanked his team for a great job done.
And once again, thanks to Gerd and Park Property Management for a wonderful gift.
  1. Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities                                                   
  1. Christ Church, Scarborough Village                                                                          
  1. Scarborough Food Security Initiative                                                                        
  1. Islamic Relief Canada (Community Muslim Response Network)                   
  1. Scarborough Good Neighbours Drop in (Good Neighbour Project)             
  1. 5N2 Soup Kitchen Project                                                                                             
  1. Canadian South Asian Growth and Support Services (CSAGSS)                     
  1. Community Hamper Support (416) 969-8510                                                        
  1. Juliette's Place (Homeward Family Shelter)                                                        
  1. Scarborough Women’s Centre                                                                                   
  1. “Malvern Eats” – Lunch Program                                                                              
  1. Agincourt Community Services Association                                                           
  1. East Scarborough Storefront                                                                                       
  1. Chinese Family Services                                                                                               
  1. Kathleen Bremner- Gooch                                                                                          
(Confectioneries for Seniors’ Home)
  1. The Canadian Centre for Refugee and Immigrant Healthcare                        
  2. Scarborough Health Network 
Gordon: Virtual Pub Night Thursday the 18th. Invitation will be sent out PLEASE respond yes or no to the invite. 7.00pm.
Basil  reminded us of the virtual Rotary International Convention Saturday June 20th until Thursday June 25th. Please register for this.
Alan again suggested that the money we are not spending on the lunch could be sent via e transfer to Dhanni Ramdeen's email address.
Mike was happy that he found his points card for Hope Air for his tax receipt.
Gerd told a story about a mouse which as your editor is a Scotsman seems to be plagiarised from Robert Burns.
Frank and Betty are celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary.  Congratulations!! Also. Betty's sister in England, 95 years old who tested positive for COVID-19 has made a full recovery.
Frank Teelucksingh Thanked us for the opportunity to attend our meeting and hopes to do so again in the future.
Dave Hardy was happy that his book was on a Canada wide webinar. Dave also Thanked Gerd personally for the gift from Park Property Management.
With no other happy thoughts Barry closed another successful zoom meeting.