Posted by Dhanni Ramdeen on Jul 07, 2019

Rotary Club of North Scarborough

R-Teller by Dhanni Rhamdeen

Wednesday July 3, 2019

Chair: Barry Smith

Anthem: Al Meredith

Grace: Tony Baker


Attendance: 17, including 3 guests – Glennys Smith,

Harry Hakomaki, Past District Governor, Ralph Jones.


Speaker:The speaker was our new President, Barry Smith who provided the club with his plans for the year.

President Barry welcomed everyone and his first task was to incent the members with a gift, the Rotary pin for this year,


“Rotary Connects the World”

President Barry said that we come through some rough times, 2 years ago, we lost our major fund raising event, the Auction through cable TV. Last year, we got back on track with the Auction through live streaming. We moved lunch meeting locations twice. We lost several members and netted 5 at the end of the year. Thank you Mr. President for the great job you did as the Membership Chair last year. We won Platinum citation last year. Thanks to the hard work of Past President Donna Salamalay and the members of the club.

President Barry highlighted the results of the Fireside and said it will be mailed out the board members. Copies were given out to members present at the meeting. He indicated that members wanted regular meetings and starting August, the third Wednesday is designated as an informal meeting with no program or notes to the Rota-teller. The majority of the members wanted to continue the major social and club events.


Our major fund raising Auction is back and we’re no longer at the mercy of the cable company. There is a warehouse available 365 days a year, courtesy of Park Property Management and “Thank You” Gerd Wengler. The Auction date is Nov 23, 2019.


Kevin Manuel is the chairperson for the Auction and Arthur Retnakaran is overseeing Auction activities.

We require a minimum sponsorship of $5000. Gerd Wengler, (PPM) donated $5000 at the meeting. The members thanked Gerd.


President Barry urged members to go out and get as many items as possible to make our Auction a success.


David Seemungal and Maddy Chandrasekaran completed the training for grant application and our club will be applying for a District Grant for The Palliative Care Society of Trinidad and Tobago.


This year board members are:

President - Barry Smith

Incoming President and Membership Chair - Gordon Brown

Secretary - Kathleen Bremner-Gooch

Treasurer - Dhanni Ramdeen


Club Services - Rocco Colangelo

Vocational and Community Services - Arthur Retnakaran

International Services - David Seemungal

Foundation - Maddy Chandrasekaran

Auction Chair - Kevin Manuel

Director-at-large - Gerd Wengler


Past President, Donna Salamalay, presented our new president, Barry Smith with a Paul Harris award for the exemplary work he has done last year as the Membership Chair in recruiting 8 members last year which was a major contributing factor for our club to achieve Platinum citation status. Barry, a lawyer is also a Past President of our club in Rotary year 1994-1995 and a member since 1984. Barry thanked the club for the award.


Marbelous Draw:

Mike Mushet conducted the draw and Harry Hakomaki, our guest, won the grand prize. The estimated amount in the pot is around $155. A cheque will be mailed out by our treasurer to Harry.

  Sergeant At Arms:

Past President Donna SalamalayFines was imposed to the members who did not know what year our new president, Barry Smith was the past-president.  Then asked for happy bucks,       


Jim Boyko gave tax advise to the winner on the marbelous draw that “donating winnings to Rotary will earn him 40% back on his tax return”

President Barry Smith was very happy to receive the large pin for the Paul Harris award.

Ralph Jones indicated that Bill Patchett was honored at a Rotary event for raising millions of dollars for Rotary Foundation.

Courtney Fisher congratulated Past President Donna on her year of service.

Gerd Wengler was happy but he forgot his joke.


There being no further business, the meeting was closed.


Sorry folks! no closing joke this week, we have to wait for when Danny gets back from Scotland for that.