Posted by Rocco Colangelo on Aug 06, 2019

Attendance: 6 members plus Parvez Merchant, visiting from the Rotary Club of Mumbai, Green City, India, district 3141 and the guest speaker Steve Rutledge, a member of the Whitby Sunrise Club.

Acting Chair, Mike Mushet open the meeting. 

Anthem:   Rocco Colangelo

Grace:   Mike M.

Toast to the Queen, Canada and Rotary: Mike M.


Peter Masson advised us that Basil is still in need of more volunteers to collect donations at the Ribfest this coming weekend, please contact Basil.

Marbelous Draw:

Conducted by Rocco, the ticket was drawn by Steve Rutledge which was his own, but only the $ 5.00 consolation prize won by Steve.

Rocco, only collected happy bucks.

 Steve was happy to be with us today and donated the $5.00, thanks Steve.

 Parvez Merchant was happy to visit our Club and presented us the flag from his Club, Mike presented him a flag of our Club.

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 Mike Mushet was happy to be the acting Chair, he treated us all to a glass of wine, we all donated to thank Mike of course. 

Mike also made it clear that in the future any acting Chair should follow  in his foot step, perhaps in lieu of jokes etc..  Of course, It was unanimously agreed by everyone as being a great idea.


Program: The program today was “Adopt A Village In Laos”

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 Our Speaker Steve Rutledge was introduced by Tony Baker.   

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 Steve explained that Adopt a Village in Laos is a program that addresses water filtering problems in many rural areas in Laos.  For over ten years Steve has participated in assisting the construction of water infrastructure projects, education of water cleanliness and providing inexpensive water filtration to the Laotian communities.


 Avrum thanked Steve for speaking to us today.


 Please follow the attached links for Steve’s presentation.