Posted by Tony Baker on Jul 29, 2019
Attendance: 12 members, 2 guests
Anthem: Gerd Wengler
Grace: Madhavi Chandrasekaran
Toast: A/President Gerd Wengler
  • Basil Dias: Pleased with the response for volunteer positions at Ribfest but still needs 4 more for Sunday August 4.
  • Dhanni Ramdeen: Club service committed has instituted a $15 float that will will kept at check in desk.
  • Madhavi Chandrasekaran: Needs 3 more members for Foundation committee in addition to David Seemungel. Dhanni Ramdeen volunteered so now need 2 more.
  • Gerd Wengler: Will be guest speaker representing Hope Air at Rotary Club of Toronto on August 22
Marbelous draw:
Conducted by Gordon Brown; Drawn by speaker Dave Dryden, consolation $5 won by Basil Dias
 Mike Mushet. 
  • Mike Mushet: donated $50 and wants a tax receipt.
  • Gordon Brown: Is going to the UK to see a Chelsea Soccer game.
  • Madhavi Chandrasekaran: Will be visiting Switzerland with her daughter.
  • Frank Allison: He's ‘just happy'.
Guest speaker: Dave Dryden
(Former NHL goaltender ) spoke on Sleeping Children charity that our club has supported since 1998, with over $11,000.
Introduced by: Madhavi Chandrasekaran
Thanked by: David Seemungel
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Some interesting facts about our guest speaker Dave Dryden (from:
  • Designed and was the first to wear the combination mask-cage goalie mask that is now the norm for all NHL goaltenders and is now on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto
  • In March 1971 played goal for the Buffalo Sabres ,against his brother Ken, who was in goal for the Montreal Canadiens. It is the only time in NHL history that brothers opposed each other as goalies
  • Was the goalie against whom Wayne Gretsky scored his first professional goal.