Oct 14/2015 Rotary Luncheon
"Julia Bubrin Classification Presentation"
Chairperson: President Gerd Wengler
National Anthem: Jacob Lakirovich
Grace: Rocco Colangelo
Attendance: 13, including 2 guests: Lillian Colangelo and Jacquelyn Smith
       Jacquelyn Smith read a Thank You letter she received from Pamela Serti on behalf of Goodwill TENCO for the significant amount of donation given by the Rotary Clubs in Scarborough in June 2015
Jacob - last call for the upcoming concert!
Alan Meredith reminded us once again that we only have less than a third the minimum numbers of items required for the TV auction and please don't wait till the last minute to bring items in to avoid the last minute rush to enter the stuff on the system.
Gerd reported that he has $15K of sponsorships and possibly more in the way Thanks Gerd, Dhanni will be happy to record them for our Club. 
Marbelous Draw:  Jack Holman conducted the draw Gerd had the lucky ticket however the mutant marble wasn't found and lives another day.
SAA – Basil Dias - asked for happy Buck$ there were many from Arthur, Gerd, Jack and others
Program:   Alan Meredith - had the pleasure to introduce  Julia Bubrin to speak to us again but this time being  a member of the North Scarborough Rotary Club and tell us about herself.
Arthur Retnakaran - Thanked Julia for her interesting talk and welcomed her to the Club.

Please follow the audio link to hear Julia's interesting presentation.
President Gerd also thanked Julia and welcomed her to the Club and closed the meeting.