Posted by Dhanni Ramdeen on Jan 10, 2019

Chair: Gerd Wengler

Anthem: Gordon Brown

Grace: Jim Boyko


Attendance: 11, no guests.


o Gerd asked to change the White Elephant Auction to January 24th as the attendance was low and there were no new members present. The attending members agreed.

o Dhanni, the Treasurer, announced the donors for 2018: Park Properties, employees, suppliers, Gerd and Dorothy donated $40,000;

CHAMP Engineering donated $10,000;

Rotarians donated $5200,

A grand total $55,200. Dhanni thanked all donors for their contributions.


o Frank Allison attended Steve Zielinski’s 100th birthday celebration and send the club’s greetings. He said it was a fabulous party. 

o Basil will be speaking with JC’s Banquet hall on changing the meeting day from Thursday to Wednesday. In addition, he will also confirm with them on their monthly storage charges of $100 that the attending members unanimously agreed upon.

Marbelous Draw: 

Dave Hardy won the consolation prize of $5.


SAA – Gordon Brown 

Since this is the first meeting of the year, Gordon only asked for Happy bucks.


* Basil and Dorothy came back from a two week trip in Jamaica. He said Negril is one of the most beautiful beaches he has visited. He did some work as well helping out in the soup kitchen, serving over 300 meals.

* Frank Allison is happy to be here at the meeting.

* David Seemungal spent Christmas in Trinidad and attended a reception with his cousin who is also a Rotarian there.

* Jim Boyko was happy to celebrate Christmas with family and friends from December 22nd to December 26th.

* Alan is going on a Caribbean cruise with his family for 10 days.

* Gerd and Dorothy had a great time in Germany celebrating Christmas with his family.

* Dhanni was happy to celebrate Christmas at home with John and their children who lived out of Ontario and Canada.


The white elephant event will now be on January 24th. Please mark this in your calendar - A reminder will be sent the beginning of that week.

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