Posted by Courtney Fisher
Frank Alison, Gordon Brown, Basil Dias, Courtney Fisher, Dave Hardy, Saifoo Lau, Peter Masson, Mike Mushet, Arthur Retnakaran, David Seemungal, Barry Smith, Gerd Wengler,
Dorothy Evans, Ralph Jones, Abhi Shah, Pam Deveaux
Peter Masson
- Basil informed us of the unfortunate passing of Shirley Whitney and that details regarding a celebration of life event will be forthcoming
- Barry informed us that Tony Baker is currently a Rotary member in Florida
- Gerd reminded us of the upcoming Pub Night.
- Dave Hardy referenced York Rotary Club’s upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations.
Marbelous Draw:
Conducted by: Mike Mushet
Drawn by: Pam Deveaux
Winner: Arthur
Result: Winning amount was reinvested as Happy Bucks; thank you Arthur
Sergeant at Arms:
Dave Hardy
- Ralph completed 47 years with Rotary
- Arthur was happy to have been in Antigua and recommends we visit
- Saifoo was happy to meet with all the attending Rotarians and guests
- Frank expressed how happy he was to see Ralph again
- Basil used the opportunity to thank Ralph for introducing him to Rotary years earlier
- Gerd was happy he was inaugurated as a Fellow with the prestigious Royal Aeronautical Society; congrats!
Guest Speakers:
Pam Deveaux and Abhi Shah, Scarborough Health Network Foundation
Introduced by: Dave Hardy
Thesis: Scarborough Health Network Foundation (SHN)--improving health care in the community; It’s Our Time
- Ms. Deveaux thanked Rotary for, over several years, contributing over $170 000 to help advance the mission of SHN
- Referenced the merging of all three hospital facilities—Birchmount, Centenary, General
- Scarborough hospitals constitute the largest employer in Scarborough
- Scarborough has the highest diabetes rates across the Greater Toronto region
- Areas of need include: emergency services, medical imaging, diabetes treatment, medical equipment
- Additional challenges include transportation and education
- Since 2010 Scarborough has not received any funds for infrastructure development—It’s Our Time
It’s Our Time--Foci:
- It’s Our Time is SHN’s push to secure funding for major projects within the health care system across Scarborough
- Projects navigate five incremental stages toward funding for implementation and completion
- Projects include and funding is required for:  Developing emergency services (Birchmount and Centenary) re innovation and enhancements (at stage 1 of 5 stages); Medical imaging and cardiovascular centre (at stage 3 of 5 stages); Bridletowne Neighbourhood Centre for diabetic care (at stage 1 of 5 stages); Medical equipment e.g. medical beds, ultra sound, ...
Conclusion—Signature Events (fundraisers):
- Brave TO obstacle/walking course, early June
- World Cup of Golf, mid-August
- Sip, Shop and Celebrate for breast cancer research, early November
“And, if there are no other items for the good of Rotary, our meeting was adjourned”