Posted by Danny Cassidy on Jan 17, 2019
President Donna opened the meeting
Anthem:  Peter 
Grace:  Gordon
Toast:  President Donna
Attendance:  12 +1 guest, Presenter Lee Soda ACSA
Marbelous Draw:  Won and lost by Arthur
1. Gerd mentioned that Lord Conrad Black will be a guest speaker at The Rotary Club of Toronto's lunch on Feb 1. Topic: "A President like no other". Cost: $55. Advance registration required. Visit their website for further detail.
2. Gerd presented a check for $500 from  one of Park Property Management's suppliers. 

Sergeant at Arms:  David Seemungal
David fined all those who didn't have a Rotary pin.
Gerd:  While starting his engine in minus 30 degree weather he noticed a group of people outside who were praying for a safe flight.
Barry: is at the moment working a 4 day week The 5th day he spends with his grandson.
Arthur told a joke that I can't repeat here.
Gerd tried to tell a joke but postponed until a later date.
Lee SodaImage result for ACSA Agincourt
Lee Soda Executive Director @acsaToronto
lee gave a compelling presentation on the plight of the homeless, People with food insecurity, people with mental health issues, Elderly neglected by family and people who are socially isolated.
Because of the cost of housing there are families with 2 wage earners earning minimum wage who pay 75% of there income on rent. leaving very little for food, who have to make decisions on whether to buy food or medicine. Children going to school hungry and coming to the Center after school to be fed and putting food in their pockets to take home to siblings.
Here is the link for lee's presentation  :
and the powerpoint presentation to follow along.
Please take some time to listen to Lee's very compelling presentation.
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