This photo is of the presentation of $1,800 to Habitat for Humanity
Left to right: Jeff Abraham (H for H), Arthur Retnakaran, President Gerd Wengler
July 22, 2015
Chairperson – President Gerd Wengler
National Anthem – Peter Masson
Grace -  Jim Boyko
Toast to the Queen, Canada and Rotary – Gerd Wengler
Attendance – 19 including 4 guests
Announcements –
Basil Dias – Urgent call for volunteers for the Scarborough Ribfest
David Hardy – Invitation for Guild Alive Art Festival
Gerd Wengler – President’s party on August 22nd at his residence (212 Queen St Street, Milton). No food or drink but a generous donation towards our club is requested.
Gordon Brown – Raised $575 at his Garden Party & BBQ.  Maddy & Sameer donated all the food
Happy Bucks – Sai Foo, Dave Hardy and Basil Dias had reasons to rejoice
Marbelous Draw – Jim Boyko conducted the draw and Frank Alison was the winner but not the magic marble and was rewarded with the consolation prize of $5. There was a unanimous sigh of sympathy from the audience!
Sergeant-at-arms – Frank Alison asked a question, “What do you know about Geriatric?” Apparently there is a soccer player named Geriatric (although I could not find it on Google). He collected quite handily.
Impromptu visit by the Assistant District Governor, Rafi ------?.  He congratulated the joint effort of the Scarborough Rotary Clubs in supporting Dave Hardy’s ground breaking initiative of the Scarborough Renewal Campaign. He announced the spin off effect of starting a Business Initiative. He presented a video message from the District Governor, -Michael Bell, which among other things had a rousing message from the Rotary International President, Ravindran asking all of us to “Be a gift to the world”.
Speaker – Jeff Abraham from Habitat for Humanity was introduced by Arthur Retnakaran and he gave a presentation on the activities of their organization. The program was started by Jimmy Carter in 1976 in the small town of Americus, Georgia where they built 62 homes. Habitat is active in 65 countries and a new home is built every 5 ½ minutes. Habitat runs a Social Service as well as an Outreach program building houses and running Habitat Restores that sells donated building materials and household goods. In order to qualify a low income family should invest 500 hours of “Sweat Equity” as a down payment. They provide 0% mortgage for the family. Their motto, “Not a hand-out but a Hand-up”   
He was presented with a check for $1800 by our club by Arthur Retnakaran and Gerd Wengler and it was in honour of Arthur’s late wife, Sarsi  who was a tireless volunteer at Habitat Restore in Sault Ste. Marie. The donation  was a collective effort of Arthur, his 2 children, our club and the generosity of many members.
The Habitat for Humanity slide show follows : 
Jeff Abraham's remarks are found at this link:              
Conclusion – Gerd Wengler concluded the meeting by wishing everyone a happy week.
Next week's program: Aga Khan Foundation, Speaker Asif Pradhim