Posted by Arthur Retnakaran on Feb 17, 2019
Chairperson:  Donna Salamalay
National Anthem: Peter Masson 
Grace:  Dhanni Ramdeen  
Toast to the Queen, Country and Rotary:  President Donna 
Attendance: 12     
Guests: Nil    
  • Basil suggested a tongue in the cheek fund raiser plan by arresting a member, in collusion with the Police and getting bail money to release the individual!
  • Gordon will send an E-mail describing the new “The Dynamic Leadership Speaker Series” fund raiser initiative. The first talk entitled, “The transparency of the City: Show us the numbers”, will be by William Robson, President and CEO of C.D.Howe Institute on March 6th, 2019 from 7 to 9 PM at JC’s Banquet Hall (1686 Ellesmere Road). Tickets are $35 on line and $45 at the door. Gordon will provide all the details.
  • Donna announced that that the District Governor will visit us next week (20th February) when David Cassidy will be the speaker.
  • Dhanni announced that the International Services will meet after the luncheon in the adjacent room.
Marbelous Draw:
  Conducted by Gordon. David was victorious but missed the magic marble and received the $5 consolation prize which he happily donated to the club.
Sergeant at Arms:
Barry was generous and collected only Happy/Sad bucks. 
  • Barry- Was happy to carry his visiting granddaughter around but ended with sciatica exacerbated by two rounds of Tennis.  
  • Jim – suggested a cure – double single malt! 
  • Saifoo – got rich selling 1 bedroom condo! 
  • Basil – in honour of Barry bringing in new members.    
  • Arthur – happy to leave for Fort Lauderdale for a week
Induction Ceremony:
Our newest member, Jonathan, was inducted into our club by Basil, Barry and Gordon. Barry explained the objectives and presented a framed certificate. Basil explained the 4 way tests in a Rotarian’s conduct by maintaining high ethical standards in all transactions by being truthful, fair, showing good will and making sure that it is beneficial to all. Gordon explained the 4 way test with the aid of the 4 paintings from the club in Florida and promoted by the International Rotary Organization. The first was the painting of a little boy exaggerating the fish caught (Is it the Truth?). The second was that of a kid not tall enough to ride the Ferris wheel (Is it fair to all concerned?). The third was a picture of a young African man educated in Japan with the help of a Rotary scholarship being welcomed by the host Japanese family (Good will to all). The fourth was a picture of a group of children from all over the world being administered the Polio vaccine (Beneficial to all). Basil presented the badge and Barry pinned the rotary Pin. We welcome Jonathan to our Rotary family.     
Speaker: Our own David Seemungal spoke on, “Scarborough's Invisible Homeless”.
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Although homelessness is not visible in Scarborough as it is in the Downtown area, it is huge and takes on a covert form. It is a phenomenon called “Couch surfing” where a group individuals stay together and move from place to place. Apparently the Rotary Club of Seattle has come up with an idea of building tiny homes in 10 or 12 sites in the city with the blessing of the city. David suggested that we have architects and engineers in our club and we could perhaps get involved in a similar program. Basil told us about the St. Clair Society initiating a program to build low cost houses for homeless people. Homelessness is blight on our society and is a shame that it exists in a rich country like ours. We lack the political will to address this problem in a realistic way and not come up with band aid solutions.
Adjournment: President Donna concluded the meeting and wishes everyone a pleasant week.
Caregiver example - Salvation Army