Posted by Rocco Colangelo
Chairman –                 President Barry Smith
National Anthem –      Gerd Wengler
Grace –                       Gerd
Toast to the Queen –    Barry
Attendance –               9 members plus guests
Guests -                       Dorothy Evans introduced by Basil and our guest speaker Dionne England
President Barry: An announcement in last week’s bulletin came across that Tony baker had left our Club to join the Florida Club, Tony is still a member of our Club, he is just an associate of another Club.
Gerd wants all to know that we can download a free Club Runner APP (CR) available on the play store and install it on your Android or I-phone, this will give access to all the Rotary contacts available on Club Runner on the go, very useful.
Also, not this Saturday but the next, Gerd and Dorothy are going to Eleuthera island in the Bahamas, he has been assured that no hurricane damages were suffered there, but other islands have. Gerd has contacts with a group of people in Eleuthera that actually collect stuff to give to people in other islands and is asking us to bring something, items we can part with or don’t need and bring at the next Wednesday meeting of Feb 12. What they are looking for are households, small water filters, kitchen implements, female cosmetics products etc…he would like to take and give to them.
Gerd can only take so much extra weight, therefore must be light weight items.
Rocco reminded the Club Service group that the Feb 10th group meeting has been postponed to Tuesday Feb 18th.
The marbelous 50/50 draw was conducted by Mike Mushet
Dorothy was the lucky consolation price winner.
Sergeant @ Arms: Arthur went directly to happy bucks,
Dorothy happy to soon have her 2nd cataract operation.
Rocco happy his birthday is coming up,
Peter Masson happy he wasn’t involved with the Democratic Iowa nominations.
Frank Allison was happy that he got away with only a warning after being suspected of speeding in his way here.
Frank explained to the officer he was only trying to get to the Rotary meeting in time because he was the greeter today.
Rocco’s comment: I don’t believe Frank could have been speeding much, often we share rides going to group meetings, and when Frank is the designated driver we usually barely make it in time because he always respects speed limits.
Basil introduced our Guest Speaker Dionne England, who has known for a number of years.
One day by chance and with the help of google, Basil came across an article on a book she had written, he found it to be so interesting and asked her if she would come to our Club and do a presentation of her book.
ENGLAND_dionne_144_5x7_BW_ENVIRODionne England is an author, coach, speaker and business consultant. Dionne’s business experience spans more than 20 years with a focus on the financial services and pharmaceutical industries. She is an expert at navigating the Corporate waters and delivering strong results, but she considers herself an artist at heart. As a coach, Dionne works with motivated business leaders to raise their level of self awareness so they can thrive by making a more meaningful impact in the growth or transformation within their organizations. She has an MBA from the Rotman School of Management, and is an overachiever in most areas of her life.
Dionne England’s Book: “Thrive despite the a..hole @ work” Transformational change in the way we work
The details of the presentation will be provided via a voice file separately. Please follow the link attached.
Gordon Brown thanked Dionne for her presentation to our Club today and in appreciation presented her with a certificate from Operation Eyesight stating that the vision of a 75 year old male from India has been restored on her honor.
There being no further business for the good of Rotary, President Barry close the meeting.