Rotary Club of North Scarborough - Wednesday April 1, 2015 - Rota-Teller “DIRECTOR'S REPORT”
Chair: Gerd Wengler,  VP
Anthem: David Seemungal
Grace: Arthur Retnakaran
Toast to the Queen, Canada & Rotary: Gerd Wengler
Attendance: 15 including 2 guests
Guests, Michael Conway from the Agincourt Club and Karl Kramer from the Toronto Club.
Karl explained that the # 55 on his name tag doesn't indicate his age but the # of his club,  the Toronto Club chartered in 1912.
Trivia: The Rotary Club of North Scarborough is # 4653 Chartered 1962.
Mike Mushet reported that the board has agreed that the Club will match Arthur's $500 in support of Habitat for Humanity in honour of Arthur's late wife.
Mike Conway talked about the fast approaching RYLA event and the District is encouraging Clubs to sponsor candidates for this excellent youth program; our Rotary Club is already searching for a candidate as it was announced by president Madhavi a few weeks ago. Mike also reminded us that the Agincourt Rotary Club is having a ‘Light Up Rotary’ benefit concert on April 11, 2015. If interested please contact him or Barry Smith. - See more details at:
Gerd reminded us that president Madhavi sent us an e-mail informing us that the regular club meeting on Wednesday April 22 has been cancelled and would like to see maximum participation of all our members at the Mayor's Address Event on April 21st (see details below).  Note: We are required to register and pay in advance on line for this event.
Mayor's Address Event
Community Renewal Campaign Cocktails with Mayor John Tory
Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Centennial College,  940 Progress Avenue
Culinary tapas style food will be served. Cash bar available.
Marbelous Draw - Was conducted by Rocco.  Roland List held the winning ticket drawn by Donna, however since he didn't find the mutant marble only $5 consolation prize was awarded to him. The pot keeps growing...    
Sergeant @ Arms - today was Gordon Brown. Gordon encouraged everyone to register for the special meeting on April 21st. 
He asked for happy $$:
  • Barry Smith was happy to relieve himself of some change from his pockets he was carrying around.
  • Mike Conway would be very happy to see a good number from our Club attend their "Light Up Rotary" concert.
  • Roland donated his $5 because he was happy, I didn't catch what that was, oh well he will tell us again when he returns.
  • Gerd was happy his dog still takes him for long walks, or is that the other way around?
The program today was the director's report.  VP Gerd Wengler, introduced the respective group directors for their updates:
  1. Mike Mushet, Acting Director for group 2/3 Community/Youth Service provided the updates.Mike reported that their budget was approved by the board.Seventeen applications were received for the Paul Harris Scholarships Awards and are currently being reviewed for selection; the Paul Harris Award Presentations Dinner is set for June 2, 2015. The Camp Enterprise program has been put on hold for now, to be re-considered at a later date; the Warm Hands Project will continue; a park Cleaning Project is being considered; the School Breakfast program is in the process of being organized.The Scarborough Philharmonic Concert will be held on May 2nd.
  2. Dhanni Ramdeen, Director of the International Service, Group 4 also reported their budget is in place and approved. Operation Eyesight continues to get our support, as well as “Maternal House Care”, “ Sleeping Children Around the World”, "The F. A. C. E.” program and "Gift OfLife".Dhanni told us they have contingency funds for the Shelter boxes or a similar program. Also under consideration, Gerd will check with the local Rotary Club in the Bahamas if a worthy program is available.
  3. Gordon Brown, Director of Club Service, Group1 provided an update.The group has regular meetings, usually the 1st week of the month at someone’s home. In order for the weekly Rotary meetings to run efficiently, Gordon emphasized how important it is to follow the POD system, the duties and Sergeant At Arms.Guidelines and instructions are posted on the website for everyone to review. Every month and as time permits the group arranges a fellowship event. Frank Allison is in charge for the sick and visiting -- please advise Frank if anyone you know is not well. Rocco takes care of the advertising on the website, please bring to his attention anyone who would like to advertise or promote their business or service.Kevin Manuel schedules the weekly speakers brought in by POD in charge. Gordon also endorsed the Mayors' Address event on April 21st at Centennial College. The Fireside 2015 is at Gerd's office April 17.The date for the Charter Party is set for June 12, 2015 at the Scarborough Golf and Country Club.
A quote from our treasurer Jack Holman - "We Are Not Broke"
Gerd thanked the directors for their reports, all attendees including guests.
There being no further business for the good of Rotary VP Gerd closed the meeting.