Our District has reached out to a well-known Canadian partner, Cuso International, and has created an opportunity to assist mothers and newborns in Ethiopia. Our $1,000 donation becomes $15000 when matched by CUSO and allows them to continue their important work in Ethiopia!

Every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth around the world.  In 2015, Cuso launched the Midwives Save Lives (MSL) program in partnership with the Canadian Association of Midwives.  MSL works in a number of countries with a high rate of maternal mortality.  In 2017, over 321,000 pregnant women and newborns benefited from the MSL program.  It delivers training on basic emergency obstetric and newborn care and respectful maternity care for midwives, strengthening their capacity to quickly and effectively respond to complications.

In Ethiopia, Cuso and its partners are focusing on improving the clinical skills of midwives in underserviced geographical areas.  Rotary has the opportunity to help fund the purchase of basic equipment to support student midwives while they are in their clinical placement.  These are items often in short supply but essential for maternal health care.  Each $500 donation buys one of these life-saving kits. There are six important items included in a Midwife Birth Kit: a birth delivery tray; an ambu bag for each newborn; a stethoscope; a blood pressure cuff; an examination light; and a speculum.  

Source: District 7070 Website