Posted by Kathleen Bremner-Gooch on Mar 05, 2018
Attendance:  15 including the guest.
Guest : Harry Hakomaki, from Scarborough Twilight Rotary.
Athem:  Peter Mason
Grace:  Barry Smith
Toast by Mike Mushet
Dave Hardy said that Rosebank Food Drive was thankful for our contribution.
Mike Mushet discussed the successful turnout for the board meeting on Monday, Feb.26, 2018.  12 members attended and two visitors who are not on the board.
Dave Hardy suggested fundraising with “Chase the Ace” which is something other Rotary groups do to raise funds for the club.
Frank Lippa suggested fundraising such as a chance to win a trip and sell tickets as another possible fundraiser.
It was mentioned that on March 3, 2018, the Scarborough Community Rehabilitation Organization will be meeting with local politicians.  A chance to give suggestions and feedback. 
Draw : Conducted by Rocco Colangelo
Drawn by:  Kathleen Bremner-Gooch
Won by:  Kathleen Bremner-Gooch
Result:  didn’t win after two tries
Sergeant at arms:  Frank Allison
Fines - $5.  To Kathleen Bremner-Gooch for not finding the marble.
Gerd Wengler, Basil Dias, Peter Mason, Rocco Colangelo, Rhranni Ramdeen, Roland List all gave happy bucks. 
Guest speaker Sydney Baxter Dennis was introduced by Gerd Wengler –
Sydney talked about the Host Hospitality event on June 25, 2018 to be held at the Guild Inn Estates in Scarborough.  All Scarborough clubs are involved in combined efforts for this event.  There are 250 guests registered. 
He suggests any other guests we wish to invite would have to specifically indicate they want to go to this particular hospitality group.
Guests or volunteers should be recorded on the forms given to each club and that these should come to them soon so that they can get everyone registered.
They need volunteers to help with welcoming and orienting guests.  They can also volunteer for the bus trips that will be picking guests up downtown Toronto and bringing them out to Scarborough.  The buses will start at 4:00 pm on the day of the event.
There will be a cash bar with domestic beer, wine, and drinks.  As well there will be two stations of buffet food.  There is entertainment, a six-piece jazz band has volunteered for this event.
Here is the mp3 recording link to listen to the full presentation
Had an embarrassing time at the checkout at Loblaws last night.  The checkout Clerk said " Strip down facing me"     Apparently she was talking about my debit card!