Posted by Rocco Colangelo on Dec 16, 2018

Chairman      Gerd Wengler

National Anthem  Mark Ruhnke                                              Image result for holly

Grace     Kevin Moore

Toast to the Queen   Gerd                                                    Image result for christmas symbols images

Attendance     17 including guests

Guests    Judy Hardy (Dave's wife), Donna Ryce, Kevin Moore, and Mark Ruhnke. 



                                                    Image result for christmas symbols images

Peter Masson announced that December 15th is Steve Zielinski’s 100th Birthday, his daughter is arranging a party on December 23rd at the house, if any of the long time friends wishes to join in please let Peter Masson or Frank Allison know as they are keeping track of who will be attending. It was suggested we should keep the number to about six from the Club. Peter circulated a birthday card for us to write on our name and wish Steve a happy birthday, Peter will present it to Steve at the gathering. 


Gerd made an announcement on behalf of president Donna:

On January 24th 2019, the Rotary Club of East York is celebrating the Traditional Robbie Burns Day in support of the” Rotary Foundation” & “The End Polio Now Campaign” The tickets are $75/person and can be purchased on their website.




Dhanni Ramdeen circulated a sheet asking us to consider donating for the Club's Christmas Card, Dhanni pointed out that an amount of $50.00 or more will entitle us to a tax receipt.


Marbelous Draw:

                                                      Image result for hollyImage result for holly

Saifoo Lau conducted the draw which was won, and lost, by Rocco Colangelo,


Sergeant @ Arms:

                                     Image result for hollyImage result for mistletoe

Peter Masson, collected happy Bucks from the following:

Dave Hardy, happy to have Judy with him.

Kathleen was happy.

Donna Ryce was happy to be with us,

Avrum Liederman just happy,

Barry Smith happy he is going to have both sons, and the rest of the families with him for the Holidays. 

Mike Mushet just happy.

Dhanni Ramdeen will have everyone home.

Gordon Brown happy for a good turnout for the meeting.

Rocco was happy for having won and lost the draw and to see Donna Ryce and Kevin Moore.

Courtney Fisher happy for the food that was brought in to be donated to the Rosewood Food Bank.

Saifoo happy he has been invited to two 60th anniversary celebrations.


Program: Christmas Luncheon Image result for hollyImage result for hollyImage result for holly


Kevin Moore and Mark Ruhnke were introduced and took control to lead the Festivities.  

Kevin accompanied by Mark on the keyboard, led the ‘North Scarborough Rotary Choir’

in singing an assortment of Christmas Sing Along Carols: "O Come All Ye Faithful’, "Jingle Bells’, 

"Away in a Manger’, ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’, ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’ including some solos by Mark and poems by Kevin ending with ‘Silent Night’. 


Dhanni Ramdeen thanked Kevin and Mark for their joyous performances. 

To listen to the audio follow the link:







Our next meeting is January 3rd 2019. 


Linus:  The true meaning of Christmas

Image result for merry christmas and happy new year to all