Posted by Gordon Brown on Dec 12, 2017
Attendance: 13 members and 10 guests  
President Mike opened the meeting
Anthem: Gordon
Grace: Kevin Moore
Toast to the Queen, Canada and Rotary – President Mike
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Past President Donna Ryce, Past DG Ralph Jones.
Bette Allison (Frank’s wife),
Marti Boyko (Jim’s wife),
John Ramdeen (Dhanni’s husband),
David Carruthers (Arthur’s son-in-law),
Tanya Strachan and Mario Cristiano from Mersey Heating – guests of Danny Cassidy,
Marke Ruhnke who was assisting Kevin Moore in the ’Christmas Carols’,
Kathleen Bremner-Gooch (a prospective member from Park Property Management).
  • Gerd presented President Mike with a cheque for $5,000 from Park Property Management.
  • Frank Lippa presented President Mike with a cheque for $10,000 from CHAMP Engineering. He also advised the there would be another $3,000 + coming
  • Barry requested that members donate at least $20 for the club’s Christmas card.
  • President Mike thanked everyone who supported the club, both with ‘dollars’ and time.
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Marbelous Draw: Arthur conducted the draw and asked our guest Donna Ryce to draw the ticket which was claimed by President Mike. He was not able find the mutant marble, but got $5 as a consolation.
Sergeant-At-Arms: Frank Allison was SAA today. He fined his own wife, Bette, for not dressing him properly (if you want to know the ‘details’ ask Frank!). Arthur donated as he sympathized with Bette. Image result for Holly
 Jacqueline donated as it is her three month wedding anniversary with her husband Steve and also they have bought a house which is closing on December 15th. Image result for Holly
Frank Allison was pleased to see guest Tanya from Mersey because her father helped Frank form Mersey Heating ‘many years ago’. Image result for Holly
Guest Mario (from Mersey) donated as he had found out why the company was called ‘Mersey’ - after a river in Liverpool. Image result for Holly
Jim and Kevin both donated as Mersey was coming to service their furnaces. (Lots of advertising for Mersey today!) Image result for Holly 
Mike donated as he was glad he had ‘survived’ almost 6 months as President.Image result for Holly
President Mike presented Saifoo with a cheque for $420 to go to the Rosewood Foodbank representing members donations as well as food donated by members. Image result for Holly   
Speaker: We did not have a speaker today as this was our Christmas Lunch. Kevin Moore led the ‘North Scarborough Rotary Choir’ in some Christmas carols and songs accompanied by Mark Ruhnke on keyboard. Mark sung some solos and Kevin read some poems / readings including “Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus”.
President Mike thanked Kevin and Mark for their mini Christmas concert.
There being no further business President Mike closed the meeting and reminded everyone that there are no more meetings until January 3, 2018 when it will be the ‘White Elephant Auction’.
Quote of the day: