Attendance: 15 including 4 guests.
President Basil opened the meeting
Anthem: Gordon
Grace: Gerd
Toast to the Queen, Canada and Rotary – President Basil
Guests: Vern Barney and his wife Carol from Thornhill Club and our guest speakers Krishana Sankar and Alexander Ivovic
  • Gordon advised there will be Club Service Meeting at Jacob’s next Monday October 17th at 7.00pm.
  • Basil told us he had attended the funeral of Kaye Coyle, who was married to Gord Coyle a long time member of our club, who predeceased her.
  • Gerd read us a text message from Elton John to Rod Stewart who had just been knighted. It read “Congratulations darling, who would have thought a couple of old tarts from North London would be knighted?”
Marbelous Draw: Al Meredith asked our guest speaker Krishana to draw the ticket which was claimed by Peter, but he couldn’t find the mutant marble so was given $5 as a consolation.
Sergeant-At-Arms: Gordon fined anyone who had not yet put items in for the TV Auction.
Happy bucks: Our visitor from the Thornhill Club, Vern Barney, was happy to be visiting with his wife and was pleased she had now become a member of his club. He also invited us to visit his club. Peter donated back his $5 as he was pleased that he and Gordon had ‘cleaned out’ our storage box. Roland donated as he was just back from Trinidad and had a great time. Maddy was happy as yesterday (October 11th) was ‘Day of the Girl’. Basil advised that there had been people killed in Haiti and St. Vincent and devastation in the Bahamas because of hurricane Mathew and that the Rotary Club in Cayman had helped by flying supplies to those islands. Gerd announced that the water truck we helped fund in the Bahamas will ‘come in useful’ as water supplies in the Bahamas have been disrupted. Basil also reminded everyone that time is getting short to get donations in for the TV Auction.
Maddy introduced our speakers, Krishana Sankar and Alexander Ivovic representing the Canadian Diabetes Association. She had met both of them at a Canadian Diabetes Association function and had asked them to come and speak to our club. They are both students at U of T St. George Campus. They are involved with research into diabetes. People underestimate how bad diabetes is. About 380 million people have it and probably about 50% don’t realize that they do have it. The pancreas, intestines and liver all help to control our blood sugar. The patent for insulin (which as we know was discovered at U of T) was sold for $1 so that it would be affordable to anybody that needed it. They told us that research, not just for diabetes, but for most ‘diseases’ can take up to 16 years and cost $1 billion. There are four stages: research and development, animal studies, clinical trials (4 phases) and drug approval.  No Recording this week.
Arthur thanked them both and presented each of them with one of our anniversary glasses.
There being no further business President Basil closed the meeting.