Posted by Arthur Retnakaran on Sep 02, 2019
Anthem:  Gerd Wengler
Grace:Peter Masson
Toast to Queen, Canada and Rotary: President Barry Smith
Members in attendance:  16
Guests:1, Gerd Mittman, was introduced by Gerd Wengler
  • Maddy:Foundation walk on Sep 8th, 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM. See E-mail for details. $1750 collected so far.
  • Kevin:Request for talks from senior members as well as classification talks.
  • Saifoo: Asialacious Fest 23,24,& 25thAug. Saifoo, Arthur, Peter and Courtney looked after our Rotary Booth and distributed pamphlets to visitors. Left over money from the Sponsorships will be handed to Courtney towards the Rosewood Food Bank.
  • Gerd:The Golf team of Rocco, Jim, Allan and Dave participated in the Golf Tournament organized by the Toronto Club and was a roaring success. Dave apparently had his sense of direction mixed up!
  • Dhanni:Invoices for the dues were sent out. Please check your E-mails for details as well as the new address.
  • Danny:Planning to give a 10 minute talk on how to tweet.
  • David:Members of the International Committee are requested to meet immediately after the luncheon meeting on Wed Sept 4that Baton Rouge.
                                 ​​​​​​​        ​​​​​​​
Program: Allan, Rocco and intermittently by Kevin gave reports on the game plan for this year’s TV auction.
Allan asked members to solicit gifts as early as possible and get them appropriately entered in the forms and drop them off with Rocco. The gifts should be worth at least $100. If not, they can be bundled up for a value of $100 or more. Shipping and delivery are not major problems. Our guest, Gerd Mittman, volunteered his truck if needed, Rocco handed over registration and sponsorship forms to the members present and was going to mail them to those who were absent.
Marbelous Draw:Conducted by Jim Boyko.
Gerd Mittman (guest) drew the winning ticket which belonged to Gerd Wengler and he was successful in picking the magic marble which meant he won the pot! 
Sergeant at Arms/Happy Bucks: Jim Boyko asked for happy bucks.  
Jim was happy about the Golf Tournament.
Allan, Rocco and Gerd (who was an observer) were also happy.
Saifoo was happy about the Asialicious Festival.
Danny was happy he survived the 38 degree heat on the ride for MS from Grand Bend..
President Barry concluded the meeting and wished everyone a pleasant week.
Joke of the day:
A drunk walking down the street, is approached by the police at 3:00 AM.

The policeman asks: "Where are you going at this hour?"

The drunk answers: 
"I am going to attend a lecture on alcohol abuse and the lethal effects on the body, the bad example it creates on children, the harmful consequences for the family, The problem it causes to the family economy, ... in addition to being an absolute irresponsibility."

The surprised policeman says: 
"Really? Who will give this lecture at this time of night?"

"My wife ... as soon as I get home‼"