Posted by Barry Smith on Aug 25, 2019
Greeting from President Barry!
Twelve members and two guests enjoyed this year’s first informal luncheon meeting!
Though informal, there was the opportunity to visit with Basil’s better half, Dorothy Evans, and with visiting Rotarian Michaela Serry, President of the Rotary Club of Freetown-Sunset in Sierra Leone. Photos were taken, and banners were exchanged with Michaela, and International Director Dave Seemungal will keep in touch with Michaela, and perhaps we can do joint projects with her club in the future. 
Basil also announced that our share of the Scarborough Ribfest proceeds was up from about $5,500 last year to $9,456 this year! Thanks to all who participated! He gave special recognition to Kathlene and her daughter Alexa who were there at the main gate almost every moment that they could throughout the 4 day weekend.
The feedback that I received was all positive with respect to the laid back atmosphere of this meeting, and the fellowship aspect was certainly enjoyed by all!
See you next week for our regular luncheon meeting.
Barry H. Smith