Posted by Jim Boyko

Chairperson: President Barry

Anthem:  Danni

Grace:    Arthur

Toast to the Queen, Canada & Rotary:  President Barry

Attendance:  12 

Guests: Sati, from Trinidad, father of our own David Seemungal



· Quick Community Services Group meeting after this meeting.

· Hope Air Golf Tournament on Thursday August 22. Alan, Jim and Rocco looking for a fourth to join us.

· Sati thanked us for our kind donations in the past. They are now using our monies for the First Portable Oxygen Concentrators to help people in palliative care.



· Next week’s luncheon, on August 14th, scheduled to have the District Governor to visit us.


Marbelous Draw:

 Conducted by Peter M.

 Won by Frank A. for $5.00 only



  -Gerd, in return he requested everyone donate their luncheon rib bones for his Doggy. 

     Also his mother is here from Germany and his wife is cooking up a storm.

 -Arthur for a terrific trip to India. He summarized the banning of plastic bags in India and 

                 replaced them with biodegradable bags. Why not in Canada? 

 -Peter M for great weather.

 - David S for visits form great relatives and friends.

 -President Barry for a great visit to his family in Calgary especially to see his 2 month

     old granddaughter.

 -Danni R. just happy to be happy.








Speakers: Christopher Hawke and Melissa Robinson

   Introduced by Frank A.


 They are from Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLS&E).

 Chris has been with them since 2017 and Melissa has been involved since 2015.

 Their current focus is the Toronto Argonauts, one of the oldest sport franchises in Canada dating back to the late 1800’s, when they were the Toronto Rowing Club.

 The Argonauts, over the years, have won 17 Grey Cubs, the most in Canadian football history.

 The MLS&E is working very closely with Rotary District 7070 to sponsor a Youth Leadership Day on September 28, 2019, the day the Argos play the Sask Roughriders.

 Before the game they plan to speak to 100 GTA youths about Leadership Skills, such as sales, marketing and other key current topics.

These youth are from grades 9 to 12 in the GTA. The cost is $70 per youth. To date they have 87 signed up and are looking for at least 13 more to fill the group. Our club can put some names forward to the extent we can come up with candidates in the near future.

In addition, we as Rotarians are invited to attend this game as well for a special price. We will all be seated in the same general location. Tickets cost $49 per person with $10 going to Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio. Peter M. just forwarded to us all further details if you wish to attend the game on Saturday, September 28, 2019. If interested you can contact Chris Hawke at He can also be reached at 416-815-5352.

The MLS&E has been sponsoring this over the last couple of years and Chris and Melissa have recently visited 7 Rotary Clubs in the District asking for their support.

Our very interesting speakers were thanked by Alan M.


Some thoughts on golf:
The less skilled the player

The more likely he is to share his ideas about your golf swing.

For most golfers

The only difference between a one-dollar ball and a three-dollar ball is two dollars.

Word G.O.L.F.

My uncle, who has golfed all his life, has his own definition of the word G.O.L.F.: Getting Old and Living Fine!

If you really want to get better at golf

Go back and take it up at a much earlier age.

What do golf and sex have in common?

They're two things you can enjoy even if you're bad at both of them.