President Barry opened the meeting
Attendees: 19 attendees… so a terrific turnout.
Guests: One Guest of Mike Mushet… Hans … he is retired from the Federal Government, worked in immigration.  Mike knows him from sailing.
We had a number of spouses join in too, which was very nice… running the event on zoom from home does have its perks.
Courtney was the Sergeant at Arms and introduced our speaker Arthur … the “Science Professor Emeritus” of the North Scarborough Rotary Club
His presentation was titled ‘Quo Vadis Covid-19”
He gave an enlightening presentation on the science of Covid -19 , in a way that even those without a science background could comprehend
Some highlight points were…
  •         The origin of viruses was evolutionary and came from the ocean floor – who knew!
  •         Covid 19 is an RNA virus, which is stable and as such a specific vaccine can likely be formulated
  •         The name Corona comes from the crown like appearance of the microscopic view of the virus
  •         Theories on how this virus originated are…
    •    Conspiratorial – the accidental release of the virus from an infectious diseases research & testing facility in Wuhan ( or if you ask President Trump, maybe not so accidental)
    •    Transfer of the virus from Bats in the wet markets of Wuhan, apparently lots of people in south east Asia consume bats … no recipes were shared.
  •         Cases so far are categorized as…
    •    80% mild
    •    14% severe
    •    6% critical
  •         A new made in Canada testing device was just approved and rolled out shortly. The RT-PCR cube, is 100% accurate and can be run by just about anyone including a Rotarian.
  •         The ultimate solution is a vaccine to create “Herd Immunity” , lots of optimistic research by many different entities on going , but will take time to test and make sure they are safe to rollout.
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Allan thanked Arthur for his wonderful presentation.
Some important announcement ,
The upcoming directors meeting will be virtual , so unfortunately no steak dinner at Baton Rouge, however Arthur suggested a cognac toast by all could suffice. - The time of the Director's Meeting is 8:00 pm (new time) on Monday.
Gerd shared a funny joke, approved first by his Mother.
Donations in lieu of happy bucks etc can be sent directly to Dhanni, -The minimum donation for tax receipts is $50, and donations to Dhanni should be by eTransfer to her regular  email address.
Courtney led the happy thoughts part of the meeting, many were given including celebrating a number of recent milestones.
Dhanni: 46 year wedding anniversary
Danny:  44 year wedding anniversary.
Rocco: 55 year wedding anniversary
Madhavi's daughter got into western University
Dave:  Dave's mum's 90th birthday
Congrats to all!
Barry closed the meeting with a Stay Safe message to all.
Link and password to complete meeting recording: