Posted by Dhanni Ramdeen on Apr 30, 2019

Chair: Gerd Wengler

Anthem: Peter Masson

Grace: Mike Mushet


Attendance: 17, including 4 guests – Chan Seemungal; Cynthia Lai, City Councillor; Hatsue Kasuya; Raymond Dutrisac.



o Peter Masson – Paul Harris Scholarships on May 22, 2019, hosted by 6 Rotary clubs in Scarborough at the Centennial College Banquet centre. 

o Courtney Fisher presented a plaque to our club in appreciation for our club support to the Scarborough Rosewood Food Drive. Over the Easter 3 day weekend, they distributed over eight metric tons of food to some 1400 families.

o Barry Smith said this year Fireside meeting was great with lots of discussions on what the members want to see happening the next Rotary year. He handed out surveys to members who did not attend the event and asked that they completed them anonymously and returned to him.

o Avrum Liederman attended the Leadership seminar and said he enjoyed it very much.

o Dave Hardy – District Assembly on May 11th – A good event to learn a lot about what’s going on in Rotary.

o Dave Hardy – District conference in Muskoka at the Marriot Hotel at a reasonable cost of $159/night.


Marbelous Draw

Gerd Wengler conducted the draw and Cynthia Lai, our guest, won the consolation prize of $5.


SAA – Mike Mushet - Only Happy bucks today.


· Saifoo received a Certificate of Appreciation from the city councillor, Cynthia Lai.

· Dave Hardy fined himself for not able to attend the Fireside meeting.

· Barry Smith had a good Fireside meeting.

· Courtney Fisher came back from his trip hiking in several countries in South America and was amazed to see Rotary signs along his trip.

· Basil was happy to host his baby sister from Barbados.

· Gerd spent the weekend flying to Thunder Bay and walking his dog, Sadie when they stopped and enjoyed watching 5 little pups playing with each other.

· Mike Mushet had a great presentation at RCMI. He also survived two medical appointments without using any anesthesia.

· David Seemungal is happy that spring is finally here.

· Dhanni celebrated another anniversary and had a great time with her hubby for 2 nights in downtown Toronto.  

· Cynthia Lai – happy to give back to our club her winning.


Gerd introduced our speaker, David Seemungal, a member of our club for over 11 years. He is a past-president, Past Foundation and International Services Director, and Financial Planner.


David spoke on the Palliative Care Society of Trinidad and Tobago, founded in 2011, by his mother and father, in memory of his sister, Trudy Ann, who died from lung cancer. This organization was opened in 2014 and our club assisted in providing initial financial help to set up the organization. 



Please listen to the full presentation online.

Powerpoint presentation

Gerd thanked David for the wonderful work his family is doing with this organization and indicated that through Rotary, an International organization, we can partner and support our fellow Rotarians abroad in projects to make a difference in the world. This year, our club is partnering with the Rotary club of Port Spain West, Trinidad, to provide 2 portable oxygen concentrators.


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