Rotary District 7070
NSRC Bulletin August 9, 2023

Chair: President Avrum Leiderman

Anthem: Arthur Retnakaran

Toast: Avrum Leiderman


Attendance: 12, no guests.



· President Avrum – District Governor visit on September 20th at 5:30 pm at Floga Restaurant. All 5 Scarborough Rotary clubs are asked to attend. Guests and spouses are invited. The cost is $30. Advance booking can be made by e-transfer to

· Rocco – He did an inventory of Rotary members’ missing badges and will order them.

· Arthur – Had a successful group meeting last Monday night at Red Lobster.

· Gordon – Pub Night at Southside Restaurant in Markham at 6:30 pm on Thursday, August 17th.



Basil Dias introduced the guest speaker, Emmanuel (Manny) Nwankwo, a member who joined our club when Frank Allison was president. Manny’s broad career experience includes being a Nurse, Teacher of nurses, and now a Long-Term Care Administrator at Chartwell.

Chartwell Long Term Care was founded in 1998 with its Head office in Mississauga, has 200 Long Term homes in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and BC. It is the largest employer in LT with 16,000 employees.


Individuals moving from their family homes to long-term care can be a challenging and lengthy process with a waiting period of 213 days.


When applying for this move, your doctor will recommend that due to declining health or disability, you cannot take care of yourself on an ongoing basis and community care is no longer an option.

In applying, you will have 3 choices on LT homes base on your needs and preferences and location. This application will then be reviewed by the homes based on the urgency of your needs.


Services provided by LT care include nursing and personal care, treatment of medicine administration, meals and laundry services, specialized services such as physiotherapy, recreation programs and more. The cost starts at $65.32 per day.


How to apply:

  1. By Referral from your doctor.
  2. Visit homes you want to consider.
  3. Make an application and submit for consideration based on the type of care and urgency.
  4. Application approval for home care
  5. Bed offer.

For more information, call 310-2222.


Peter Masson thanked Emmanuel for bringing this valuable information to our club.

To hear Manny's presentation please click on this link:


SERGEANT AT ARMS – Danny Cassidy.

No fines were given today, just Happy Bucks.


· Danny Cassidy - Visitors left yesterday.

· Rocco Colangelo- Just happy.

· Arthur Retnakaran - He is going to the movies to see Oppenheimer.

· Basil Dias – Just happy.

· Gordon Brown - England won in Women’s World cup and is progressing.

· Gerd Wengler - Happy that his mom and sister are visiting.

· Mike Mushet - Just happy at the moment.



President Avrum advised the club that there were 2 recent fundraising proposals made and wanted to know what is club members thoughts on these proposals.





1). Fundraising idea from Barry Smith - Bingo idea that the Agincourt is doing for more than 10 years and has been very successful in raising funds. The only requirement is that the funds raised must be used in the local community.

Gerd Wengler indicated his opinion that it is a horrible idea where we will be taking away money from the people in need (bingo players) .


2). Fundraising idea from John Ramdeen – To have an annual dance jointly with the Scarborough Community Renewal Organization (SCRO). This was well received by the members. Danny Cassidy indicated that he had experience with this type of fundraising and in the current social environment, not much was raised from the sale of liquor.


More to explore on fundraising ideas.


President Avrum then terminated the meeting


Joke of the day.

The Interview:

Interviewer: What do you think is your biggest weakness?

Applicant: I'm too honest

Interviewer: I think that's a strength, not a weakness!

Applicant: I  don't care what you think!

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