Rotary District 7070
Remembrance Day 2022
 Chairperson: President Courtney Fisher
Attendance: 14 members

Seven guests:  Ruth Cassidy, Dorothy Evans, Ralph Jones, John Ramdeen, Amos Sarwan, Sandra Mills, and Susan Roper.

Anthem: Peter Masson
Toast to the King, Canada, and Rotary: President Courtney
President Courtney welcomed everyone to the new meeting place Floga Restaurant.
Rocco: Club Services monthly group meeting at Southside Pub on Monday, November 14, 2022.
Gordon: Social fellowship date and place to be announced.
Remembrance day.
Danny Cassidy, assisted by Peter, Basil, Gordon, and Courtney, presented our annual Remembrance day program.
The program honors those who died or were casualties fighting in wars since the first world war.
Gordon spoke of how remembrance day came about and why we observe a minute's silence on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.
Courtney read a soldier's letter home, sent from the front in Europe in the first world war.
Danny recited two poems. "The band played Waltzing Matilda," commemorating the participation of the Australian, New Zealand Army Core at the battle of Gallipoli, the ANZACS.
Also, the participation of the Newfoundland Regiment in Gallipoli, noting their efforts in making the only progress on the beaches at Suvla Bay. A victory amidst a disaster.
See the source image          Song:
Also, "The green fields of France." A story of someone walking through the graves of fallen soldiers in France who stops by the grave of "Willie McBride."             
Included in the attached link are two videos, One about the Christmas truce in WW1 and a more recent one called The Highway of Heroes depicting the homecoming of fallen soldiers from the Canadian effort in Afghanistan.
Arthur showed us some family memorabilia and recited " In Flander's fields" by John McRae.
See the source image
Basil recited "
 We observed a minute of silence while " The last post" played, ending with the playing of  "Rouse."
Here is the video of the meeting. Unfortunately, the recording stopped somewhat early, so I've had some work to put it together, causing the delay in sending the bulletin.    Danny
Gerd said that as it was Remembrance Day observance, he would forgo the Sergeant at Arms.
President Courtney closed the meeting.
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